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Why Lovejoy Couplings should be your First Choice

kaushika sharma
Why Lovejoy Couplings should be your First Choice

Rathi Transpower Pvt Ltd. is a major part of the family-owned Rathi Group Pune. Lovejoy India is the sister company of the organisation whose expertise lies in manufacturing and designing coupling for exacting power transmission applications.

The manufacturing facility has a huge range of machining and testing equipment. The processes have been updated over the time with continues improvement in machinery and technology.

Quality is built into the every process and every stage of the manufacturing process.

Control of purchased material, process checks at every stage and a very comprehensive final inspection process makes sure that only good quality and confirmed products are sent out to the customers.

We offer our products globally and can offer a vast variety of range of couplings which are readily made available through the global distribution system.

Lovejoy Couplings has a huge range of products which suit every industrial need. With a huge range of over 10 to 15 main type of Coupling build with all industrial standards.

These are some of the Coupling which is been offered by Lovejoy:

Jaw Flex Coupling


With its unique wrap around Nitrile rubber connecting element, the Snap Wrap coupling eliminates the need for dismantling the connected equipment while inspecting or replacing the element – a major benefit when down-time on machinery can run into huge amount

Combined with a range of prebored hubs, a modular hub design and a spacer option, the Snap Wrap coupling is unsurpassed for quality, flexibility, speed for installation and maintenance.

H / HR

Individual free-floating load cushions held in place by outside steel collar. Completely machined castings with easy to assemble and disassemble. Inspection is possible all the times.

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Pin and Bush Coupling


B-Flex couplings consist of a set of resilient BARREL Shaped bushes with pins & nuts and two flanged hubs of graded cast iron.

The special BARREL shaped bushes permit the MISALIGNMENT IN ALL DIRECTIONS and give extra torsional flexibility as compared to plain bushes.

These couplings are suitable for general engineering application requiring reliable power transmission even under conditions of shaft misalignments which are often unavoidable.


Cone-Flex couplings consists of sets of resilient “ Cone-Flex” rings with pins & nuts and two flanged hubs of graded cast iron. These “ Cone-Flex” rings are specially shaped to permit the rubber to deflect in all directions and give over four times torsional flexibility as compared to a plain bush.

Tyre Flex Coupling

T / TO

The flexible capabilities of the Tyreflex Coupling help to accommodate angular, parallel and axial misalignments.


Tyre-flex Spacer Couplings RST is specifically designed for motor-pump installations, where it is desirable not to disturb drive / driven equipment while servicing impellers, packing glands, etc.

The maintenance time-reduction feature is valuable on pumps, compressors and many other applications.

Gear Flex Coupling


Fewer Backlashes. The assembly is very compact with larger bore capacities. High power to weight ratio makes it comfortable to fit in nicely.  The assembly is compact and fine.

Larger bore capacities make it good enough for every equipment. Accommodates Angular, Parallel & Axial Misalignment. Generally used upto 120°C. Can be used for higher temperatures by using proper grade of grease or oil.

Grid Flex Coupling


Grid-flex couplings are lubricated, having high torque capacity like gear couplings & with torsional flexibility of an Elastomer couplings. Grid –flex offers the simplest, most cost effective solution for moderate to high torque application.

Disc/ Laminae Non-API Coupling


Disc-O-Flex couplings are fully metallic couplings, consisting of two hubs, one centre spacer member and two sets of stainless steel element blades bolted together with high tensile bolts. Replacement of element blades is easy, simple and is possible without disturbing drive or driven equipment.

Disc/ Laminae API Coupling


Coupling with antifly spacer. Rivetted disc pack for better performance. Simple design construction Suitable for power transmission in drives in hazardous areas.

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Sleeve Flex Coupling


Sleeve-Flex can be installed quickly and easily, because there are no bolts, gaskets, covers or seals.
Alignments can be checked with a straight edge placed across the outside of the precision machined flanges.

The teeth of sleeve lock into the teeth of the flanges without clamps or screws, tightening under torque to provide smooth transmission of power. There is no rubbing action of metal against rubber to cause wear.
Couplings are not affected by abrasives, dirt or moisture.

Rigid Coupling


Rathi Rigid Couplings are robust, simple and ideal for exactly aligned shaft. They are torsion ally stiff & backlash free. Type RR permits larger finish bores in both halves.

These are some of the best couplings which are been used for most of the Industrial standards and equipment. flexible couplings

kaushika sharma
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