How To Make Wishes Fast Using Feng Shui?


What Are The Best Feng Shui Wish-Granting Techniques?

How to make wishes in feng shui
How to make wishes in feng shui

How to make your wishes come true fast? Here are some of the best feng shui wish-granting techniques for you and your family. Ensure that you apply these wishing granting techniques properly to get the best results.

The Wish Granting Gem Can Be Used As An Effective Method –

  • Gems are another way in feng shui that helps your wishes come true. This concept is also seen in the practice of marriage diamonds and the desire for marriage.
  • You can pick the gem that works best for you and make sure that it fulfills your desire and preferences. There are, however, certain unsaid rules.

Wish Fulfilling Animals Are As Good A Method As Any –

  • There are a plethora of different animals that have the ability to fulfill your desires and wishes.
  • The cow has long been regarded as the holiest animal ever by religions like Hinduism and Buddhism.
  • The mongoose or the rat is another animal that wishes to become healthy and wealthy.
  • They help you get over bad luck and rough patches in your life only to emerge stronger than ever.
  • They have the ability, according to feng shui, to turn bad luck into good fortune for you and your family.

How To Use Wish Fulfilling Tortoise?

The four feng shui celestial animals that are most effective in bringing good luck to you and your family are The White TigerThe Black TortoiseThe  Red phoenix, and the green dragon. In ancient China, the tortoise was considered to be the spiritual creature that was the paragon of longevity and durability.

Here are the ways in which you can use a tortoise as a wish-fulfilling symbol in your house, according to feng shui:

  • Place the tortoise at the very entrance of your house so that the negative energy does not enter from the front door and the positive energy does not leave.
  • Place the tortoise next to an artificial waterfall in your house or the fish tank.
  • You can also place the tortoise in a specific direction to fix unhealthiness.
  • Placing the tortoise on the north side of the house is good for enhancing your career.
  • Aso, you can place the tortoise in the northwestern part of your house will add to the luck of your patriarch.
  • Placing the wish fulfilling tortoise in the east direction will be good for creating an aura of dedication in the house, especially with the children.
  • However, you must be aware of the fact that you should never place the tortoise in the bathroom or the kitchen because that tends to nullify the effects they can have on the wish fulfilling.

Wishing Paper In Feng Shui?

To use a wishing paper to make your wishes come true using feng shui, you must follow the following procedure for the best results:

  • Find a silver box that has a lid on top of it. If you don’t have a silver box lying around, you can make one out of a normal box and an aluminum roll paper. You can also use colored silver.
  • Go to the room that you use most of the room that you’re in most of the time.
  • Stand in the doorway or the panel of the doorway of this room and face the inside of the space.
  • Look at the rightmost corner of the room. Here, you must ensure that this box is not seen by anybody else in the house in their everyday life.
  • The best place to put this box is inside a drawer or behind a piece of furniture.
  • Next, you must write your wishes. You can also type your wishes.
  • Inside this box, you must put in your individual wishes on individual pieces of paper. Before you place this box in this part of the room.
  • You must ensure that all the clutter and dirt, and grime in the area must be removed. 

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