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How to Beat The Burnout When You Work From Home

Felix Yim
How to Beat The Burnout When You Work From Home

While some people have been conquering their new-found autonomy with perfect work from home schedules for a day, the rest of us have basically been “panic working” every single day for over a year now. Because not only do we have all of the same demanding workloads from the office, but we’re also juggling the added stress of working from home while living through a global pandemic.

Whoever said working from home was easy obviously didn’t know what they were talking about, as it turns out burnout doesn’t only happen to people who work in an office. As the lines between our home and work lives are continually blurred, it’s little wonder that so many people working from home are feeling sad, alone, isolated, depressed, or misunderstood. If this sounds like you, below are a few effective tips to help you stay positive and reduce stress to avoid burnout while you’re working from home.

Take Hourly Breaks

The best method of ensuring you stay motivated, productive, and focused on each task, is by splitting up each work day with a few short breaks. That’s because humans tend to be at our most productive when we take a ten to fifteen minute break at least once every two hours. If you decide to keep working until you start to feel tired, it’s already too late to take a break. Because you’ve missed the best window for a break by unnecessarily starting the fatigue process already. Burnout can happen very easily, so you need to ensure you’re only working during your most productive periods of each day. The most effective method of doing this is by keeping a scheduling diary or calendar and allocating specific break times each day.

Talk About It

If you’ve noticed you feel like you’re starting to burnout, it’s a good idea to talk to someone about it. Especially if you live alone and work from home. It doesn’t matter who it is, or whether it’s virtually or in-person. Simply by talking about everything that’s been stressful about working from home can really make a huge difference in helping you feel better. Staying connected with the people you care about and who care about you can really help you feel good. Not only will reaching out make you feel better, but you’ll most likely have a huge impact on how you make them feel as well. So always make socializing one of your biggest priorities by taking the time to talk with your friends.

Get Plenty Of Exercise

After you’ve been working from home for a while, you might notice you feel a lot more lazy than usual. Because you haven’t been going to work, your daily routine no longer has much physical activity. Counteract this by starting a new exercise regime by going for a run around the block after work or swim in your pool each morning. Swimming is the only form of low-impact exercise that gives your whole body a complete workout, so taking a regular dip each day will also help improve your overall physique. And because swimming also momentarily isolates you from the world, it gives your brain a little break too. Ultimately, this time off acts like a little soft reset on your brain, providing a blank slate which makes it much easier to think clearly, process your feelings, and be more productive each day.

Get Enough Rest

While exercise is definitely important for reducing burnout, it’s just as critical to get enough hours of quality sleep each night. The best way to ensure you sleep well is by following a strict bedtime schedule for going to sleep at night and waking up at the same time each morning. Stay away from drinking energy drinks, caffeine or alcohol for the three hours before you plan on going to bed, as well as sedatives, sleeping pills or any substances which artificially cause sleepiness. Because they actually disrupt the natural sleep process of your brain, which can affect your quality of sleep as well as long term damage to your body’s sleep functions. Simply by getting an adequate amount of sleep each night, it will help ensure you avoid getting burnout.

Set Yourself Boundaries

It can become quite difficult to relax when working from home as work always seems to keep creeping into your home lifestyle. The most effective way to counteract this is by setting up boundaries for yourself. Establish firm start and finish times for each work day, and always walk away from your desk when you’re on a break and during meal time. Once you’ve put some boundaries like these in place, make sure you let your employers and other co-workers know. This will help with setting up your boss’ expectations of you and your workload, otherwise you can’t be an effective employee for your boss if you start feeling burned out. That’s why you should also turn off work-related computers, phones, and notifications at the end of the day. Just create an out of office reply to respond to anyone who contacts you after working hours, because otherwise you may get asked to do just one little thing on a Friday night, which quickly snowballs into an all weekend job. No thank you!

Final Thoughts

If you’ve constantly been struggling with working from home every day because you feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and burned out, try following these simple tips above. If you find yourself still not coping with everything, it’s definitely worth discussing with a therapist. Because when burnout isn’t managed correctly, it can often lead to much larger problems such as physical and mental issues. Start taking the power back by getting control over your life again.

Felix Yim
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