2.5 Ton Truck - A Flexible Way For Indian Business.

Devendra singh

2.5-ton trucks are lightweight vehicles. These trucks work on those roads where heavy-duty trucks are not able to work. Door to door service is possible With the help of these trucks. These trucks can work on narrow streets and have a minimum turning radius. Lightweight vehicles give extra comfort and extra savings. You can earn twice due to their excellent mileage and work efficiency. 2.5-ton trucks are very flexible and less noisy. 

2.5-ton trucks manufactured with the use of fewer materials, so their cost are   also significantly less. The capability of work on any roads makes them very popular. Many companies manufactured their cars, trucks, and busses lightweight, which is very useful to save some resources for the next generation. 

We are discussing with you about some popular 2.5-ton trucks model.

Most popular 2.5-ton trucks models in India

  • Ashok Leyland Dost Strong Pickup

It is the most popular Ashok Leyland 2.5-ton truck variant in India. This truck is manufactured with advanced technology with 70HP power with the 1.5 L, i-GEN 6 Technology Turbo-charged common (TDCR) rail engine. It has a 2350 mm wheelbase and 2590 Kg GVW.

  • Tata 407 Gold SFC Truck

This truck is manufactured by Tata Motors with a 4SPCR engine that has 98 HP. A 2955 mm wheelbase and 4450 Kg GVW make it a popular model.

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Devendra singh
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