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Life after Knee Replacement Surgery

Dr. RP Singh
Life after Knee Replacement Surgery

As an individual age in the life, there are a number of ill effects that are seen on the body. One of the areas where aging process starts to be seen is the bone strength. The strength of the bones starts to decrease and the joints lose their mobility. In old people, it has been seen that the pain in knees start to increase due to osteoarthritis. It affects the life of people in a manner that can be really very disturbing. In the situation where all the medical remedies stopped working, knee pain can make your life unbearable. And also you can know this swelling and even bowing of the knee. In such particular case, it is always recommended that you go for knee joint replacement surgery before it gets too late. The orthopedic doctor that you'll choose will go through a number of Diagnostic scans so as to make sure that if the knee joint is deformed or damaged before deciding a date for the surgery.

What happens in the total knee replacement?

If we talk about total knee replacement surgery, then the damaged cartilage and the Bony tissues of the knee are removed from the knee cap and then these are replaced with plastic or metal alloy which then act as the joint. This process is followed so as to relieve the pain and restore the normal functioning of the joint. After the surgery, the patient may take some time to adjust with the new knee but then it is much better than the previous one.

How long will it take to get your knee recovered after getting knee replacement surgery done?

  • It is vital that you follow proper rehabilitation procedure so as to adjust your knee joint in the new environment. By following this, it will not only help you in the long term, but will also help you to get recovered from total knee surgery in the quicker manner.
  • As you would have noticed that it there is advancement in the Medical Technology, then within just week after your surgery, your orthopedic doctor in Bhopal will make you stand and walk with the help of assistant equipment like stretches or Walkers.
  • In addition to this, if you go for physiotherapist, then it will play a great role in the recovery process. It will build out and exercise regime so that you can strengthen your joints and muscles.
  • Just after two to three days of the surgery, your orthopedic doctor in Bhopal will make you walk short distances, jump up the stairs, bend the knee to a particular level and undertake some of the activities.


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Dr. RP Singh


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Dr. RP Singh
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