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How To Fix Access Unrecognized Database Format Error?

How To Fix Access Unrecognized Database Format Error?


If you are a victim of Unrecognized Database Format error then this post is really going to help you a lot.

Just go through the complete post to learn how you can easily get rid of this unrecognized database format error.

What is Unrecognized Databases Format Error In Access?

This particular Access Unrecognized Databases Format error refers to the corruption of the frxque32.mdb file.

Due to this error, users will be unable to use their Access database. In some cases, it is seen that users can only perform compact and repair operations on their database after the occurrence of this error.

Thus it gets very important to quickly fix this error from the Access database.

Error Detail:

Error name: Unrecognized Database Format error

Error code: Access error 3343

What Are The Reasons Of Unrecognized Database Format Error?

Before diving into the fixes section let’s know the reasons why you are encountering Unrecognized Database Format error in your Access database.

So that you can choose the best-suited solution to fix Access unrecognized database format error.

These are some possible reasons which lead to Unrecognized Database Format error:

  • Access database got corrupted due to the virus intervention.
  • Attempting to open the access database file in an older Access database which is created in the latest version.
  • You are not using the latest MS Access service pack.
  • Several locks are simultaneously working on the database file.
  • Maybe the issue is due to the third-party plug-in.
  • Done data splitting in an irregular manner.
  • Abrupt closing of access database.
  • Presence of bad sector on the hard drive where database file been saved.

How To Fix Unrecognized Database Format Error?

Meanwhile working with the Access database is quite common to encounter Unrecognized Database format error.

Thus in this section, I have compiled a list of some easy fixes to resolve this Unrecognized Database format error.

Method 1: Make Sure to Open Database File in Correct Version

To avoid this error, the very first step that you can take is using the correct version of Access database.

If you are unable to perform this task then import the file into Access database as per the suitable version.

Below here is the complete step to do this task in an easy manner:

  • In the MS Access application, go to the File and click the Options tab.
  • Tap to the General option and then to the Creating Database.
  • After that hit the New Database sort order option. after that make a check across all the settings.
  • Ensure that you will follow the Legacy settings are followed.

After trying the above solution try to open your access database file again to check whether the problem still persists or not.

Even if you are getting the same error don’t lose hope just try our next solution.

Method 2: Insufficient Permissions To Access The Database

When you upgrade your Windows server suppose to Windows 2008 R2 from Windows 2003. At that time you need to do so many things like deleting the previous ownership and allowing permission to save entire files on the external HDD, making new owners, allotting permissions to the new owners, giving them full access, and much more.

Sometimes even after running the above steps, only the domain administrator has permission to use the Access database.

If any other users try to see the database file on the exact same server then they will get an error message like Unrecognized Database Formats or database is in an inconsistent state.

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  • If the domain admin gets complete access privileges to see Access database on the server. In that case, the problem will be raised because of the domain or to the location where a particular folder Access database resides.
  • Assigning complete permissions to entire users present over network share will fix Unrecognized Databases Format error.
  • To fix this issue you need to allow Local Admin rights to complete of the users present over that particular server.
  • In the end, just check out the permissions of Access database which is showing such an error.
  • Domain administrator needs to make confirmation about the following things along with lists of users using the Access database.
  1. Users need to sign in within the domain in the pace where the database is been placed.
  2. Users are allotted custom and local admin rights for accessing their database as per the need.


It is very important to fix this specific access error 3343 as it can lead to more serious issues like data loss. so try the aforementioned fixes to resolve the Access unrecognized database format error.


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