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Ladder Manufacturers

Ladder Manufacturers

Climb your way up, with ‘Folding Ladders

Haven’t we heard of numerous quotes on climbing the ladder of success? But make sure, while you do that, the ladder is sturdy, can hold your weight, and is of a quality that lasts long enough!

Confused? Well, we are talking about the real ladders here, literally the ones that ladder manufacturers create to help you to reach the higher places.  There can’t be truly a house-hold without a ladder.  It may be the most underestimated tool or piece of equipment, but its purpose is beyond one’s count, whether it is for a DIY paint project, reaching the top shelves and storages, a scheduled cleaning of your fans, or for changing a ceiling light bulb.
Uses of a ladder are multiple, but do you know ladder manufacturers these days have a variety of ladders to suit the needs and budget of your house and office type? These days, ladder manufacturers offers from simple extension ladders, to step, to platform ladders, each catering to specific task at hand.

An Ahmedabad based company, Kaizon Hardware Pvt. Ltd. Is one such ladder manufacturer that offers all-purpose folding ladders in different materials and specifications to suit every need. Before, we understand what’s on their product list, lets us understand what are folding ladders and their varied features!

Now what kind of folding ladder you need might seem like a simple question, but there are so many varieties that ladder manufacturers offer these days, that you have to well-understand their usage and features before you can make an informed decision.

Let’s understand the kinds that ladder manufacturers are offering these days:

  • Light-weight, portable material used: Hand-crafted heavy and shaky wooden ladders are a thing of the past. The new-age ladders are made from light weight corrosion-free stainless steel or aluminum which are foldable, portable and stackable. Thus, making for ideal equipment for home and small offices.

  • Carrying capacity: Most ladder manufacturers have developed products that can hold human weight of upto 150 kgs, so one can be rest assured of carrying out jobs without any possible accidents.

  •  No. of steps: Yes, reaching the far-fetched corners of the ceiling for an adult is as much daunting as reaching the kitchen counter for your child during a bake day! No one knows this better than ladder manufacturers these days, which make ladders in varied step numbers, depending on the height one needs to reach to perform a specific task.
  • Anit-Slip: Ladder manufacturers have allowed this multi-use tool to evolve in the safest of its kind. Anit- slip, firm grip rubber coating with edge-guards, that allows the user to get a firm hold over the step in shoes or bare feet makes modern ladders accident proof.
  • Step Dimension: Gone are the days of a wooden plank or a bamboo as steps for your ladders. Ladder manufacturers have worked hard on designing ladders that provides broader footsteps for worry-free holding. Broad dimensioned steps helps to work in different directions thus getting the work done quicker.
  • Quality construction: Ladder manufacturers construct ladders with ergonomic design and quality fittings such as hinges, self-supporting angles, anti-slip legs, hand-grip, clutch-locks for open and as well as fold, and many such important features that makes your ladder secure, sturdy, light weight and truly a value for money.
  • Storage: When folded, contemporary ladder designs sizes up in sleek, compact size which can be easily stored in your balcony.  Their lock system keeps the ladder intact when not in use.
Over and above the features that the ladder manufacturers offer in their products, one of the most important factor to consider before buying your ladder is …  Safety!

Is the ladder you are choosing sturdy, safe, secure, and offer a good balance? Especially for the elderlies and small children, this concern makes or breaks your decision of choosing the right ladder manufacturer brand. Therefore, it is important to check and ensure the various quality material, fittings, and its ergonomic design before buying a ladder.

Kaizon Hardware, one of India’s leading ladder manufacturer offers variety of quality ladders in different steps specifications. Their heavy duty high-grade aluminum ladders come in steps of 3 steps, 4 steps, 5 steps, 6 steps, and 7 steps.  From offering standard aluminum ladders to a trendy powdered coated grey folding ladder in with broader footboard for safer holding, Kaizon Hardware is one stop ladder manufacturer for all your ladder needs.
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