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Surprising Facts About Branded Merchandise In Bringing More Customers

Jack Dsouja
Surprising Facts About Branded Merchandise In Bringing More Customers

Branded merchandising is trending these days. People like to receive gifts in the mail or offer something really interesting at an event. In fact, the branded products are the most interesting way to get your brand out to a wider audience. Instead of paying for real estate, you give people material things to take with them. Far better than flipping through a magazine or ignoring it on social media.

The importance of branded merchandising for promoting a company can be assessed using various statistics. As per the research conducted by PPAI, 94% of people remember where they received a gift from a promotional item.

Research also shows that 83% of consumers would like to receive promotional items with a promotional message. 85% of those who receive products work with an advertiser. In addition, 58% of the consumers surveyed said they kept gift items between one and four years.

Several companies like the online B2B marketplace often realize the importance of branded merchandising in reaching out to the target audience in a competitive marketplace. The products in high-quality packaging tend to attract more people while drawing attention to the company’s image.

These products consist of a logo and a company message. The purpose of branded merchandising is to generate customer interest in the business.

Well, here are the facts that you knew not regarding branded merchandising.

What You Should Know About Branded Merchandising?

1.      Cost-effective mode of marketing

Indeed, every small business dreams of having a large-scale advertising campaign. In this way, it has to utilize a wide variety of media, which is definitely an expensive way to promote the business.

With branded merchandise, these companies can still live the dream and achieve all the goals. The interesting fact is that it is an inexpensive way of advertising the products. Also, startups can get their hands on different advertising tools, which are quite handy and inexpensive.

The majority of the manufacturers in branded merchandising keep their bulk sales prices very low. Product prices are pretty low, and it affects the buyers to a great extent. This is how you can bring B2B trade leads to the business.

2.      Guaranteed brand recognition

Brand awareness or brand recognition is the same. This means that consumers can identify your company and its products or services as soon as they notice your logo. For instance, buyers immediately recognize McDonald’s from its logo because it has imprinted the design and has a different influence on the consumers.

With branded merchandise, you are letting people recognize your brand or business. It is one of the reasons that promotion is becoming strong for the businesses that are struggling to reach there.

The article published in technomarketinginc.com states that 89% of consumers can remember an advertiser for an ad product they received in the past two years.

3.      Huge exposure to the business

Different types of advertisements impact differently on buyers. For instance, the advertisement you watch on television will get more interest from you compared to the ad on the billboard. Isn’t that true?

Branded merchandising is all about sticking to your sight, no matter what. For instance, when a customer holds your gift and consumes the product, it will get more used to your brand. The more they consume, the more are likely to come to your place.  

These promotional products are a great way to grow your business presence on a daily basis.

As per the report of Ppai.org, 76.1% of respondents were able to see the advertiser’s name on an ad product they received in the past 12 months. However, only 53.5% of respondents could remember the name of an advertiser they saw in a magazine or newspaper in the past week.

Companies also use the help of marketing service provider's websites to promote products or services on the Internet.

4.      Contributes to customer loyalty

Your potential buyers must buy your company’s products often when they need them. Marketers are spending more additional resources building a solid, loyal customer base. You use promotional items to build customer loyalty in a short time.

However, make sure that your branded merchandising items meet the highest quality standards and are preferably branded. People will associate high-end products with the quality of your business. This will help keep first-time buyers from your products forever.

Key Takeaways

Branded merchandising can attract consumers to your business at a minimal cost. These freebies bring instant brand awareness. You can make the reach of your product or service accessible to a wider audience. These products are also great for building a solid customer base and increasing customer loyalty. So, why not you also take advantage of this mode of marketing and get hold of the business easily? Think of this perspective and reach out to your target audience like never before.

Jack Dsouja
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