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Things People Get Wrong When They Vape

Daniel Watson
Things People Get Wrong When They Vape

People make mistakes when they start something new and while vaping the case is also the same. Today e-cigarettes have got easier to use and there are various e-cigarette brands offering new beginner devices that are easier to start vaping. Here, you can learn from other's mistakes.

1- Getting the PG/VG ratio right

It is vital to get the PG/VG (propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin) ratio right. These are colorless alcohols that produce vapors. PG gives a better hit and carries flavor better while VG is sweeter, thicker, and produces more vapors. When you start you want a higher PG level. PG is easier on the coil and found in starter devices. That’s because VG is thick and needs special. PG gives a good throat hit similar to that of a cigarette.

2- Giving up too quickly

Some vapers switch without any problem, however, some take time. Vaping is not like smoking it’s likely to be less addictive. Fortunately, those who smoke and vape both are often successful in switching to vaping.

3- Not following correct charging instructions

Battery malfunctions are rare, but they can happen, you can avoid them by following the guidelines in the battery safety infographic from vape store Dubai.

4- Making mistakes while filling

Vape tanks are now easier to fill. The thing to remember is that while filling; do not get the e-liquid down the centre tube of a tank. Most tanks are now top-fill and have a hole through which you can fill e-liquid.

5- Not changing the coil regularly

When tanks get older they acquire gunk and get burnt spots. This lead to the flavor decreasing or becoming burnt; also it is not good for your health. Change coils regularly or clean your tank.

6- Burning out coils

Coils burn out, but there are numerous things you can do to prevent it. Simply drop a few drops of e-liquid into the holes on your coil and leave your e-liquid to soak in the coil before using it for the first time. Use the correct power range; stay within these and your coil will last longer. Buy e-cigs at a vape shop in Dubai.

7- Not drinking enough water

Most e-liquids contain propylene glycol, which leads to feeling dehydrated. So drink more water.

8- Letting batteries run out

You need at least two batteries while traveling or carry a Power Bank. Check electronic cigarette prices in UAE.

9- Mixing flavors

You finished menthol and top up with a custard cream – you get some distortion of custard and menthol. Some flavors don’t mix, so either uses a separate tank or clean the tank and leave it to dry before using a new flavor.

10- Thinking you should know everything about vaping

Spending much time on blogs learning about everything; you could easily be mistaken for thinking vaping is complicated. The truth is vaping is as easy or complicated as you want.

Most people who started on cartridge style, for example, simply screw a cartridge in to a battery and inhale. The new pod systems at Vape Stop UAE are also easy to us

Daniel Watson
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