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Mobile app development trends to focus in 2021

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Mobile app development trends to focus in 2021

Since the advent of smartphones, users have not turned back ever, and the innovation is acquiring new developments consistently. All that has happened thereafter has passed even the most dreamy minds. Within just a few years, smartphones have become our dependable friend and that is the reason the mobile app development business is touching the sky. Every second organization or business is making progress toward having a spot on the mobile phones of its crowd. Due to this phenomenon, they are following every new trend of mobile app development in Dubai. Henceforth, in 2021, things will not change and we can observe many new mobile app development trends to simplify the lives of users. 


The world of apps is ever-evolving into new concepts and ideas to encourage customers to spend more time and money engaging with brands. When we follow the new mobile app development technology trends, they initially excite our imaginations and within a few moments. In the mobile app development trends, what we experience is always much better than our imaginations. New features & functionalities that are not just advantageous to the users but are also highly productive for the business. The mobile app developers in Dubai bring these trends to users through mobile app development. So let’s begin to discuss the important mobile application development trends that we can observe in 2021.



  • Internet of Things (IoT)


The Internet has crawled the way into the daily lives of people. Internet of Things is seeing huge growth and has been receiving positive reviews from users. It is having significance in many different domains such as connected appliances, smart home security systems, wearable health monitors, smart factory equipment, biometric cybersecurity scanners, etc. 



  • The importance of mobile UI/UX optimization


With increased dependence on the mobile app and rising consumer expectations for what mobile should provide, it’s critical that your app has an engaging, easy-to-use user journey. To start, a concise, friendly onboarding process can significantly limit user drop off. New users are unlikely to understand the full value of your mobile app and will be quick to delete your app if they feel you’re asking for too much intrusive information upfront. Many companies highlight the value of their mobile app with a quick walk-through for new users or by offering limited access before requiring users to sign up. With increased competition in the marketplace, it’s important to build relationships with your users by providing them with a mobile experience that is not just informative, but also interactive, intuitive, and delightful.



  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning has already started taking place in mobile apps and devices. A few of these examples that we may have observed are voice search, face unlocks, chatbots, etc. The artificial intelligence-powered photo filtering apps like Face App, Prisma, etc. have taken the usage of artificial intelligence to the next level. In 2021, AI will have more impact on our lives. Apart from the existing technology, AI trends like AI-based cameras, voice translations, user predictions, will find a new place in smartphones.



  • An accelerated shift to a mobile-first lifestyle


With global restrictions on travel, entertainment, and work, people are increasingly turning to mobile as a channel to complete core tasks efficiently. Your customers are now using mobile apps to learn, shop, network, and even exercise. The shift to mobile-first has been occurring for several years, but the pandemic exaggerated the speed of this trend. This dramatic leap forward will likely cause a notable increase in the number of available mobile apps in UAE, leading to an increasingly saturated app marketplace. App development companies in Dubai that want to stand out among competitors need to implement an end-to-end marketing strategy that increases app discoverability, user acquisition, and, most importantly, user engagement.



  • Geolocation based apps


Geolocation mobile app development Dubai is an already prominent trend and will continue to rise in the upcoming years. Geolocation lets the mobile apps deliver a highly personalized experience to the users. By collecting the geolocation of the users, the apps can provide location-based services, better marketing campaigns, etc. It also helps in analyzing the usage patterns and get an insight into the user behaviour & location.



  • Mobile Commerce or M-Commerce


In this COVID-19 pandemic, you must have realized the potential of a mobile application for your business growth. A mobile app for your business surely helps you in increasing the revenue and sales of your business, in addition to building a trust brand reputation. The customers now prefer to shop anytime & anywhere, even on the go. Thus, mobile eCommerce applications are more in preference in comparison to their website counterparts. The eCommerce industry is turning to mobile commerce or M-commerce.



  • Biometric Authentication


Biometric authentication has become a part of the mobile apps related to the industry such as banking, finance, payments, etc. Earlier it was just limited to unlock mobile phones but now it has become a fast and convenient mode for login into apps. The most significant factor that influences this mobile app development in Dubai is its ease of operation. The user doesn’t need to type any login details or draw any pattern, just touch and it’s done. In 2021, all mobile apps in UAE should look to implement the fingerprint or face unlock option for the users. Apart from face recognition, and fingerprint scanning, biometric authentication may also include iris scanning, voice recognition, etc.


There is a very bright future for mobile app-based businesses, we can see a huge audience turning to mobile apps in 2021. For integrating the listed mobile app trends to make your mobile app, you will require a reputed mobile app development company like Zapio Technology, one of the leading mobile application development companies in Dubai. If you’d like to explore how Zapio can help you with mobile app development services across UAE, please get in contact today. Call us on +971 52 708 1010 or on the other hand, leave us a message at [email protected].

Zapio Tech
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