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Digital Marketing Trends That Will Reshape Digital Marketing Landscape in 2021

Eco York
Digital Marketing Trends That Will Reshape Digital Marketing Landscape in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has left us with a deep scar and had a deep impact on businesses of all shapes and sizes. And digital marketing is not an exception in it. Since people across the globe are relying on and using online platforms to make the purchase of everything, digital marketing has become a vital need for their survival. Various virtual platforms have replaced in-person consumer experiences, and thus, it has become crucial for businesses to rework their digital marketing strategies and digital marketing campaigns to make the most out of it.

Since everything is virtual and relied heavily on technology, being a digital marketing agency, it is not possible to stick to the digital marketing plans they have followed so far. The ambitious concepts like artificial intelligence, voice search engine optimization, and data-driven marketing are now becoming the top priorities and leading digital marketing trends for businesses to survive in 2021. 

To help you get ready for 2021 and ahead, we’ve taken a look at a few of the most anticipated digital market trends that you must prepare for. Have a look at this blog to discover key digital marketing trends you should keep an eye on in 2021 to survive in this pandemic situation.

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NO-CLICK SEARCH – A new shift to attract more visitors!

The search engines are the heart of the digital marketing industry. Usually, potential customers enter their queries in the search engine and navigate to the specific URL to get the information. However, recent enhancements in the search engine have eliminated the need to click on the specific link since they display a few of the top results on the search result page itself. This is great to improve the customer experience, but it would add a little extra complexity for the digital marketing services providers. 

VISUAL SEARCH – Giving a new way to optimize Image and Video for SEO

Probably, you may think it is nothing new, but hold on! Searching images and videos have been an old wine to drink, but did you know you can submit existing images for search? Or can you take original photos and search for the context? Well, it is nothing but a visual search. Visual search will be the future of search engine optimization and will change the overall SEO landscape. To reap the benefits of visual search, make sure your digital marketing strategies include image and video SEO campaigns.

INTERACTIVE CONTENT – It will be recognized as a best practice.

Of course, this has been around us for a while, but it will be considered as a best practice to enable more engagement and user enjoyment for the customers. Interactive content such as open-ended questions, surveys, polls, etc., can be a turning point to boost your digital marketing services. Moreover, including interactive content as a part of your digital marketing strategies will help you increase the customer experience.

CUSTOMER SEGMENTATION – Segregation will be a key to achieve desired results.

Customer segmentation is not new but quite popular among digital marketing agencies. Instead of designing fewer marketing campaigns, a digital marketing agency should focus on targeting a general audience and have many marketing campaigns for a specific audience. Customer segmentation helps digital marketing experts to group their target audience based on certain parameters. This will empower you to design content and digital marketing strategies suitable to your target audience’s preferences.

VOICE SEARCH – An increasing use of voice search will transform digital marketing strategies in 2021!

Do you know that 50% of all searches will be conducted using a voice command by 2021? Today, 72% of the shoppers own voice-enabled speakers and use them to carry out their day-to-day activities. And many more numbers show that voice-based search will be a key digital marketing trend in 2021. It provides useful information that people are looking for using audio content. Incorporating a voice-based search in a digital marketing strategy is not just about being into the race of winning the marketing world, but it is more about providing a unique and optimized customer experience to boost brand loyalty.

BROWSER PUSH NOTIFICATION – A key digital marketing trend to watch for in 2021.

The recent amendments in GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) and increasing use by online stores have fueled the popularity of browser-based push notifications in recent years. Today, the youth prefer different ways of communication with lesser touchpoints when searching for any specific brand. Browser push notifications have been used extensively by online stores to increase conversations. This way, you can easily engage your target audience and convert them. The digital marketing agency can use images and CTAs to boost conversations and bring unbelievable results.

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So, there you’ve it! The digital marketing sphere is constantly changing. Knowing the possible digital marketing trends is crucial for your digital marketing strategies. Make sure you do have a look at the above-mentioned trends while forming digital marketing plans for 2021! Looking for a helping hand to boost your digital marketing campaigns? Get in touch with our experts now!

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