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Voice Calling APIs: How are they Proving to be a Blessing for the Enterprises?

Varun Bhagat
Voice Calling APIs: How are they Proving to be a Blessing for the Enterprises?

According to a report, the global speech analytics market will grow from $1.5 billion in 2020 to $3.8 billion by 2025.

Most enterprises in the world want to excel in their respective fields in which communication plays a vital role. It ensures the organization's relationships with both the customers and the staff, leading to its productivity.

Voice Calling API is one of the communication methods that helps increase communication efficacy at every level, whether it is amongst the organization and its staff or consumers.

It is a tool that programmers use to create an app that can make and receive phone calls using API (Application Programming Interface). Hence, it is beneficial for enterprises to take the businesses to a new height.

Table of Contents

   Benefits of Voice Calling APIs:

  1. Smart IVR to Respond consumer Queries
  2. Ensure Customers Privacy
  3. Increase Productivity
  4. control call flows
  5. Ensure call Tracking better
  6. Global Audio Conferencing
  7. Browser Complexity

   Some Top Voice Calling APIs:

  1. Siri API
  2. Jeannie API
  3. Twilio API
  4. Viber API

Let's discover the advantages of integrating Voice Calling API to business applications:

Since Voice Calling API works over a VoIP platform, it does not require any phone line to process communication. Businesspersons can interact with the staff members efficiently without any hindrance.

1. Smart IVR to Respond to Consumer Queries 

Customers want to interact with the staff for their queries, It is impossible to be available 24/7 to entertain the question. In such a scenario, IVR helps them with the issues.

Automated IVR systems can solve consumer's problems quickly in real-time. IVR stands for interactive voice response that ensures a quick response, and one will not have to wait to interact with a live agent.

Moreover, the system can be utilized for some other tasks like opinion polls, miscellaneous surveys, brand awareness, and several others.

2. Ensures Customers Privacy

Each organization keeps customers' privacy as the topmost priority. It can not compromise with the loss of the consumer's data. Voice calling APIs ensure their customers' privacy as it is formed to provide a stipulated programmatic interface if one accesses the privacy account.

By integrating blockchain with API, the customer's data can be made more secure and safe as it monitors the activity of data from the originating point to the end. Hence, customer reliability will increase over the organization and thus will help to make further growth.

3. Increases Productivity

Each organization tends to enhance productivity and it tries several measures to achieve the same. Productivity is directly proportional to the growth of the company hence one can not compromise with that. Moreover, Voice calling API is a method that helps organizations to ramp up the productivity level.

Voice Calling API helps improve the quality of calls that paves the way for customer satisfaction. Additionally, one does not need to dial numbers; only a click can complete the task. While communicating with customers, it ensures the harmony of talks by not hanging up the call.

4. Control Call Flows

This is one of the significant advantages of integrating Voice calling APIs for enterprises as it controls call flows. Maintaining the call flow is as necessary as maintaining the rapport with customers.

Voice calling APIs make sure that there is no disruption in ongoing calls as it may hamper the crucial issues being discussed on the call. Moreover, one needs not call for a particular department; instead, he can directly transfer the call.

5. Ensure Call Tracking Better

Call tracking is also one of the most significant aspects of the Voice calling API. It has advanced techniques to track and monitor the calls. Once Voice calling API is implemented, you can be assured of monitoring and recording the calls.

6. Global Audio Conferencing

Voice calling API facilitates the way to get connected with multiple teams of your organization. You can embed it into one of the applications and use it accordingly based on requirements.

Moreover, it provides several features like joining and leaving, stipulated time of the conference, hold, mute and unmute, etc.

7. Browser Complexity

Enterprises sometimes face issues with the complexity of browsers while interacting with customers and staff. The most worldwide used Android and iOS, implement different voice calling features.

Voice calling APIs ensure to handle both android and iOS platforms by integrating low-level APIs. Moreover, high-performing API caters to the needs of all platform differences automatically.


Some Top Voice Calling APIs

1. Siri API


Siri API is helping enterprises to communicate effectively with clients and customers. It has employed intelligent voice assistants just like apple Siri, which smartly replies to the customers' queries and performs voice-related tasks.

2. Jeannie API


It is also one of the most demanded voice APIs in the market today. It has several features like intelligent voice assistants, user commands, handling device settings, and much more.

3. Twilio API


Twilio API is a popular developer platform that facilitates the way by providing exquisite features like deploying voice, video, chats, and other communication abilities into mobile and web applications.

 4. Viber API


It is an API that provides features like calling and messaging which include audio and video calls, chats, unique expressive stickers, and much more.

Wrapping Up!

The future of Voice calling API is bright as the enterprises are connecting with their customers globally. The need of the hour to have a voice calling API will enhance the organization's productivity. You can hire API developer from India's best software development company.

In no time, you will be able to expedite your business by availing of the benefits of integrating Voice Calling API. Moreover, you will stand yourself apart from the crowd.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the main advantages of Voice call API?

Voice calling API provides several benefits to enterprises, and the most useful of them are customer privacy, high rate of productivity, and control over call flow.

2. Is it cost-effective?

Yes, it is cost-effective, and one can hire API developers on an hourly rental basis. According to your Voice calling API requirements, you can ask them to integrate it. Hence you can avail of Voice calling API benefits.

3. What is the future of Voice calling API?

The future of Voice calling API is bright; as you can see in this covid era, we follow social distancing norms, doing almost all things online. Be it job, shopping, communication. Hence, it has glorious years to come along the way.

4. What are those industries where it can be used?

Voice calling API has influenced several industries worldwide like finance, healthcare, tours and travel, and e-commerce. Moreover, most organizations are adopting this technology to enhance business productivity. In case of any confusion or query, you can always get in touch with an IT consulting company in India.

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