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Tips to Resolve App Issues on MacBook Air and Avoid Visiting an Apple Service Centre in Mumbai

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Tips to Resolve App Issues on MacBook Air and Avoid Visiting an Apple Service Centre in Mumbai

The MacBook Air makes for a solid value proposition when it comes to premium laptop devices. Whether it's performance, battery life, or build quality, almost everything is superlative with the device. And that makes users think that it is immune to bugs and even breakdowns. However, it is not so.

While finding a reliable Apple service centre in Mumbai is not too tough, given the range of options this bustling city has, you might ideally want to avoid a visit and save money if possible. The good news is that, there are quite a few ways to deal with some of the most common issues that a MacBook Air faces, on your own, like app problems.

Read on to find out what those ways are.

App tending to crash frequently

One reason why Apple devices are so sought after is the extensive app ecosystem they have to offer, which in turn is closely integrated with the devices the apps are meant for. This makes the applications safe and reliable while being optimized to deliver the best at all times. Unfortunately, that isn't how things turn out to be in real life, as apps crashing on the MacBook Air is quite common. Here are some ways to fix it.

Check for app updates

Keeping your apps updated is always recommended as this ensures you are always covered against the latest bugs and other glitches. To update, go to the App Store and check for any Updates that might be listed on the left. Install the requisite updates applicable to you.

Uninstall the app and reinstall it again

This often is the best solution to deal with a rogue app as a fresh installation will let you get rid of any software level corruptions that might have occurred.

1. To uninstall the app, go to Finder on the Dock and then Applications that get listed along the left.
2. Select the app that is crashing frequently and drag it to Trash.
3. Alternately, select File on the menu bar and then select Move to Trash.
4. Go to the app store and go for a fresh reinstallation of the app.
5. This should help resolve the issue unless the problem is inherent in the app itself.

Prevent device overheating

An overheated MacBook Air can also lead to apps crashing on their own. So, make sure your device is operating within the recommended temperature range to ensure optimum app performance. Ensure the vents are clean and that the fan is able to push the hot air out with minimal obstruction. However, if the fan is not working or you feel your MacBook is getting overheat even after minimal use, this warrants a visit to an Apple service centre in Mumbai.

App has become unresponsive

Another common issue with the MacBook Air is that the apps tend to freeze at times and become unresponsive. Here is what you can do to deal with the scenario.

Restart the app

Go to the Dock and right-click on the app that has frozen. Select Force Quit so that the app shuts down. If only the Quit option is being shown, hold on to the Option key for the Quit option to change to Force Quit. Restart the app.

Check for update

1. Click on App Store on the Dock and select Updates.
2. See if there is any update available for the troublemaking app.

Look for a patch

This is more relevant when you have updated the macOS and the new version is having compatibility issues with the app.
A patch software from the app developer is what is needed to solve such issues.

Restart the Mac

Close the app and restart your Mac again. Or if the entire laptop has frozen, press and hold on to the Power button for 10 seconds and then release it to initiate a shutdown process.

The above hacks can come in immensely handy if you are experiencing issues with the apps on your MacBook Air device. However, if you feel that the issue is persisting, you should get your device checked at the nearest Apple service centre in Mumbai.

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