How To Calculate The Cost Of Short-Term Payday Loans?

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Short-term payday loans turn to be financial survivor for many during times of emergency. These loans are known for their quick turnaround and know for the ability to multipurpose needs with a single loan. The display features of these loans are pretty attractive, but many are still speculative about how these loans are charged? What it would cost them to avail themselves these loans.

Structure of Payday Loans

Understanding the structure of Short Term Payday Loans vital to know the cost of the loan. They are structured differently from traditional loans. They are issued for a short term of a year to the maximum of $5000 per loan. These short-term loans are a bit higher compared to traditional loans.


The interest on the loans is noted in the form of APRs. It is the interest the borrower would pay to avail the loan. If the APR% of the loan is 12% for a loan amount of $1000, you will be paying an interest of $10 for a month over a period of the year. It all depends on the loan amount you avail and the loan tenure you choose. If you can close the loan early, go for shorter tenure to keep interest payout the lowest possible. As loans carry high-interest rates competitively, you should always know your absolute financial needs and avail the loan accordingly. Avail the amount you need rather than what you are eligible for.


This is another charge you encounter when you avail of short-term payday loans. These loans are issued for shorter-term, so the lenders cannot make it big on the loans. The fee related to these short-term payday loans varies from lender to lender. Processing of the loan application is free; the fee is charged only when you avail of the loan from the lender. This fee holds a fraction share of the principal amount. When you avail the loan online, you should also check another related fee like the default fee. It is charged only when you miss the payment. You should be aware of the worst-case scenario when you avail these loans online. This fee will be continuously levied on till resume payments. However, these fees will be charged within limits set by the Australian credit union.

Unlike other loans you avail at the banks, these loans don’t carry any prepayment charges. If you have availed a loan for the maximum tenure of a year and want to close it early due to an unexpected surge in your finances, you can do that without any obligation. There are no additional charges levied on this but, there are no benefits too. There will be no change in the interest rate you pay to the lender, but you will be relieved from the responsibility of handling the loan at the earliest.


Installment Loans
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