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Games.LOL: Why It’s Getting the Trending Treatment and The Latest Updates

Jonathan Kingston
Games.LOL: Why It’s Getting the Trending Treatment and The Latest Updates

Emulators such as MEmu Play and BlueStacks have been around for a long time. These tools became an instrument for players looking for answers in bringing Android to the bigger PCs screen. While BlueStacks, during its creation, featured slow emulation, today's technology has managed to bring it up to speed; that's why emulators in the present era run smoother and faster. But you know what's better than emulators? Not having to use them at all.

Emulators need to get installed on your PC, and you must set-up their configuration system before you can fully utilize them. Thus, if you compare it to something directly installed on your PC, everything becomes easier. Well, you still need to configure it, sure, but you only need to check on the game. Nothing more, nothing less. This matter is why sites like Games.lol and other similar pages became viral and a trending topic among gamers over the years. If you're confused with the deal between this topic, we're here to explain everything to you. Let's try to discover and compare the features between emulators and sites with games modified for PC use.

Emulation vs Program Installation

The term emulation means when a computer uses another program that helps it behave like another device. The most famous emulators are the ones that play console games or Android games. There are obvious drawbacks in this, where emulators can only emulate games as they are.

On the other hand, Installed Programs cannot emulate games into becoming better because they are directly placed into the computer system.


Some Mobile Games Limit The Performance of Emulators


There is news about the latest updates for PUBG Mobile. In it, PUBG Corp has made some changes regarding the matchmaking in games. The mechanics have been re-tooled to give fewer advantages to emulator users.

In the case of players using the installed programs, players are given the benefit of playing the game. It is compared to downloading the full content of the Android Game on Phone without limitations. Whereas playing it on emulators, problems and issues might occur when playing the game. For instance, you need to note the RAM consumption and other factors that might soon affect the gameplay.


Gaming Peripherals are an Advantage

Let's face it – playing on PC will help you to have at least a bit of an advantage against other players on mobile. Emulators – and PC installed Android programs have more controls that are easier to use. With that, mouse and keyboard users can quickly stack up kills faster than Android interface users. That's why the matchmaking program for PUBG is being tweaked – it's simply unfair. It's also easier to use mouse and keyboard on directly-installed games rather than on emulator installations.

Programming Limitations

Emulation is a tricky business. Just look at the case between the PS and Xbox emulators out there. While there are many PlayStation emulators, there are little to no emulators running on the Xbox architecture. There are also a lot of Android games that can't be played on emulators because it's a bit tricky to play them on it. In the case of directly installed programs, like Games.lol, they can be made to play easier on PC because there are ways. It's also easier to focus on making the games work without making them run on emulators.

Making Games Run on the Emulators

Aside from re-tool processes for running on the computer, you have to re-tool processes for the game to run smoothly for the emulator. It merely takes a lot of time and effort, that's why some games aren't still available on Android emulators.
Games. LOL's curated matches – and in that case, the games from other websites similar to it – are better because it installs directly into the computer. It is also now modified to run smoothly on computers. That's why they are released faster than they can get made to run on emulators.


These – and many more reasons – are behind why Games.LOL – as a site and its games – are trending right now. They are simple enough to install, they don't need a secondary program to run, and they are appropriately modified. Plus, who doesn't want easy game access for free? Or catch on with the most trending game online like Among Us without a hassle? With this kind of program, websites like this will enjoy success for a very long time.

Jonathan Kingston
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