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What is Public Speaking? Is it Beneficial?

Avijit Sarkar
What is Public Speaking? Is it Beneficial?

Public Speaking is a very special talent, that attributes to the ability to successfully addressing to a crowd of people. Whether you are trying to communicate with a large number of people who are known or unknown, it needs skills. If you can deliver your speech without any hesitation, keeping your confidence level high, and let people understand what you are trying to say, then you have ‘Public Speaking Skills.


You may or may not interact with our audience directly. There is a very basic difference between casual conversation and speaking publicly. Public Speaking is more profound and meaningful. And this skill needs development. People join Public Speaking Classes for English to better their speaking ability.


Types of Public Speaking

There are mainly 4 types of Public Speaking.


  • Ceremonial Speaking

Most people give Ceremonial Speeches during their lifetime. On special occasions like celebrations, graduation ceremonies, and weddings, etc we need to speak in front of the Public.


  • Demonstrative Speaking

For product shows, launching of new gadgets in the market, or scientific announcement and research purposes, Demonstrative Speaking skills are important.


  • Informative Speaking

To share an idea or some information precisely with the people, people utilize Informative Speaking skills. This skill also need deep knowledge about the subject for the Speaker.


  • Persuasive or Manipulative Speaking

Mostly politicians, and lawyers use Persuasive Speaking skills. The speaker generally tries to manipulate the view of the masses towards something. Anyone can notice this when a politician lecture us for votes.


Benefits of Public Speaking


Benefits of Public Speaking


People having Public Speaking skills can enjoy the below-mentioned benefits.


  • Show Your Confidence

The first criteria of public speaking is to have enough confidence and courage to lecture in front of a large gathering. If you are able to speak in front of the public successfully, then it proves that you are high in confidence.


  • Show your knowledge

You may have a great depth of knowledge in certain areas. But, if you have to show it to people, you need Public Speaking skills. Having the competence can prove your knowledgeability in the subject and amaze people.


  • Help you to gain leadership

The ability of Public Speaking can gain your leadership whether you are a student or professional. People like to see a leader who has the confidence to show his views to others, effectively. It also develops your personality, significantly.


How to Develop Public Speaking Skills?

There are several ways that you can develop your Public Speaking Skills.


  • Training and Practice

The first thing is the need for training. You need to train yourself with all the aspects of Public Speaking. Joining a Public Speaking Course would help you in this matter. But, do not completely depend on the course curriculum. You need to practice what you are learning from your training sessions. And we all know that practice can make it better and effective.


  • Identify your Strengths and Weaknesses

You need to find out your Strength and Weakness. You're training and practice sessions will be helpful in finding your tenacity and flaws. Now, focus to improve your ability and cut down deficiency.


  • Review your Performance

After polishing your skills and gaining confidence, you need to test yourself. Perform demo public speaking in front of your friends and family members and find out what they are saying about your performances. You can also record your demo performance and check how you are performing, It will strengthen your Public Speaking Skill, for sure.



Public Speaking is a very important part of our personal and mostly professional life. People who have this ability are supposed to go high on their careers and get recognition. News Reading and Anchoring are also part of it. Hence, if you are aspiring to make a good career in the media industry, your public speaking skills would be most helpful.


Leading Spoken English Training Centers offer Public Speaking Courses. Many of them are conducted online. You can choose one of them and follow your dream of becoming a great presenter.

Avijit Sarkar
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