Best Fruits that can keep your skin cool in the summer naturally?

Lizy John

Outdoor fun and playing in the sun is the most important way to celebrate the summer vacation. Exposing yourself to the Sun is not always fun!


The harmful effects of too much sun exposure to the skin could be really disastrous and may even lead to Sun - Heat Stroke.  

Buy Fruits Online - Ansio Fresh gives you fruits with key features that can actually boost your skin protection from the sun against skin damage. 

8 Fruits that will protect and repair your skin from sun damage:


Consume Natural Fruits every day for the Flawless Skin


  1. Apples: Rich in Malic Acid - Promotes a firm, healthier and youthful glowing skin.
  2. Oranges: High in Vitamin C - Reduces Acne, Pimples, Dark spots, blemishes on the skin.
  3. Grapes: Filled with Vitamin A & C - Cleanses the pores, Revitalize skin, protects the skin from harmful UV radiation.
  4. Avocado: Rich in AntiOxidants - Heals Damaged skin cells and restores natural tissue elasticity.
  5. Mango: Rich in Carotenoids - Stimulate collagen Synthesis in the dermis and replaces the dead skin cells.
  6. Banana: Packed with phenolic antioxidants - Diminishes dark spots, reduces sun-tan, and retains skin moisture.
  7. Watermelon: Bunded with Vitamin B5 - Keeps skin moisturized, anti-ageing - wrinkle-free, fresh and healthy.
  8. Papaya - Packed with essential enzymes - Natural Antiseptic properties heal wounds and scars on the skin.


More reasons to consume a wide variety of Fruits During Summer:

Summer heat may make you feel tired and exhausted but nature’s super Summer fruits can energize you and make you feel healthy and active throughout the day.

  1. Supplement your body with essential nutrients and minerals.
  2. Re-energize your stamina and stay hydrated.
  3. Controls your body temperature and blood pressure.

Fight the Harmful UVA & UVB with Fruits:


Add More Skin liking fruits to your diet in the form of natural juice, smoothies and protect your delicate skin from the harmful sun radiations.  


Fresh Seasonal Fruit Juice are always good in summer:


Consume more seasonal fruit juice to keep your body temperature in check. Regional fruits act as a natural energiser during hot summer.


Muskmelon Juice:


You can add milk to the crushed muskmelon and make it into a shake or simply blend the melon with some natural jaggery or sugar and serve it with ice.




A daily glass of lemon water with sea salt and some mint and cumin will improve the body’s metabolism and boost immunity. The Refreshing flavoured lemonade is will keep you energises the whole day!

Eat the nutrition-rich fruits every day to armour your skin with anti-inflammatory properties for prolonged fun under the sun!


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Lizy John
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