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Android app development company in bangalore

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Android app development company in bangalore

How to use Agile Methodology for Mobile App Development?

Agile technology has gained a lot of popularity in the recent time in the realm of mobile app development. It is a technique, which involves breaking down complex tasks into simpler series of development cycles. Each individual part works like a separate task for the development team. This technique is especially useful in projects that embody rapidly developing technologies.

The basic idea behind the use of Agile Methodology is that it places more value on individuals and interactions as opposed to tools and processes.

Why should we use Agile Methodology?

Creating mobile apps is a complicated task. The use of varied hardware, software and networks enhance its complexity even further. All users interact with their phones in different ways. Due to this, it involves a lot of planning, consistent evaluation, customer interaction, and risk management to make it work.  This flexible and iterative approach makes it great for use in complex projects in which the requirements of customers are constantly changing. When developing apps, it is important to take care of various factors such as:

  • The platform to built the app on
  • Target devices
  • User interaction
  • OS versions to support
  • Visual layout of the app
  • Features to be include in the app


Keeping all these factors in mind at every step helps in ensuring that the app performs to the satisfactions of the users and the client while keeping the development time and cost low.

How to use Agile Methodology for App Development?

When using agile methodology, the process of project develop starts off with a kick-off meeting initiated by the scrum master. Different developers are assigned the task of specific project modules and they are monitored throughout the duration of the project.

The product owner then explains the features and functionalities required in the app. An internal meeting is conducted to communicate how many tasks each programmer can deliver at the commencement of the current sprint. Once this is done, the product owner moves the tasks to the sprint backlog from product backlog. Daily meetings are conducted where team members communicate in depth, discussing tasks of the day, planning for the next day and possible risks that can cause the team to deviate from the plan. This helps expedite the process and ensures timely delivery.

The next step is to create the UI (User Interface) followed by the coding process. Since each step goes through rigorous testing, reviews and bug fixing, all errors are caught on time and rectified immediately. Once the development process is complete, strict testing and review is performed to ensure that the app meets all guidelines and organizational standards. After testing, a sprint demo is provided to the product owner for approval.

Why Use Agile Methodology?

Agile methodology is used for app development as it is more effective in comparison to other rigid approaches. Not only this, it reduces the time take to design and deliver the app as well as makes it more cost-effective.visit this website = https://www.apprient.com/

Panda General
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