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Natural Ingredients That Repel Mosquitos

Sid Kumar
Natural Ingredients That Repel Mosquitos

Mosquitoes are likely to increase the risk of diseases such as malaria, dengue and chikungunya, which may have a major impact on public health due to the rise in mosquito breeding.

As a result, it is essential that you limit mosquito populations near your home and other public places.

You can use natural mosquito repellent rather than the chemical options that may be harmful in the long run.

There are several tools and mosquito repellent options on the marketplace to kill or repel mosquitos.

However, most insecticides on the market are thought to contain elevated levels of chemical agents that can induce asthma and skin problems.

Anti-mosquito agarbatti also acts like a natural repellent that drives away mosquitos without any ill effects.

Let us now discuss some natural ingredients that you can use as the best mosquito repellent.

  • Lemongrass

Lemongrass leaves are one of the most popular plants in India. Lemongrass oil is effective in repelling mosquitoes. Lemongrass oil should be used, or the leaves can be crushed and the oily mixture applied directly to the skin. Lemongrass oil's security will last for many hours. Since lemongrass oil is less dense, one can feel compelled to use it often.

  • Lemon and Clove

Half lemon and a clove perform wonders in repelling mosquitoes. Place a lemon slice in a space with several cloves inserted in it. This miraculous ingredient will hold insects at bay.

  • Vinegar

One of the most readily available additives is vinegar. If you use apple cider vinegar or regular vinegar to get rid of mosquitoes, both will work. Use 3 cups of water and 1 cup of vinegar on the skin with a spray bottle. The mist can even be sprayed across the dining table and the house's screen.

  • Lavender Oil

The fragrance of lavender oil repels mosquitoes! As a result, you will use Lavender oil to repel mosquitoes. You can use it to spray around your house and the field around it or apply it to your skin to prevent being bitten. Other than that, you can use lavender as an anti mosquito agarbatti which will drive away insects.

  • Peppermint

Another natural mosquito repellent is peppermint. To use Peppermint, simply put a few drops of peppermint essential oil in a spray bottle with one cup of water, mix well, and apply on your body. Not only can this rapid peppermint spray help you defend the blood-sucking monsters, but it will also leave you smelling minty new.

  • Coconut oil and neem oil

A natural repellent can be made with a mixture of coconut oil and neem oil. Simply combine coconut oil and neem oil in a spray bottle with water and apply to your face. This will keep insects away for up to half a day.

  • Basil

Basil, also known as Tulsi, is thought to be good for producing tea, but mosquitoes despise it. Basil can be used as a mosquito repellent in a variety of ways. You can keep a plant on your windowsill to keep mosquitoes away, or you can use it as a topical oil to add it to your skin. It emits a noxious odor that keeps these pests at bay.


  • Camphor

Camphor is a reliable mosquito repellent because of its heavy odor. Spray two camphor tablets in around a quarter cup of water around your room or outside. Fire some camphor in the room, shut all windows and doors, and leave it burning for about 20 minutes for a more dramatic effect. Stay outside the room to see the findings right away.

Final Words:

The best mosquito repellent will keep you away from a number of diseases including dengue, malaria, and other deadly problems.

Using natural repellent rather than chemical one will keep mosquitos at bay without harming you.



Sid Kumar
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