How Can I mend common printer issues?

Najeeb Ullah

There are many reasons your printer won't be functioning. A printer in error condition may vaguely or won't indicate where the matter is different, but it requires immediate attention.

Assess your printer for straightforward issues

Some printer malfunction state could also be thanks to one among those following:

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  1. Examine whether the printer’s power index is on. It'd only be a loose or unplugged cord.
  2. When there’s a paper difficulty, then pass the paper stuck from your printer.
  3. Empty paper tray/no paper fed - refill the tray with layers of paper.
  4. When the printer or your computer warns that one among your cartridge(s) is vacant or low in ink, a replacement or refill is important.
  5. If the printer yields a” cartridge not discovered “Mistake”, the cartridge might not be strictly fit within the compartment correctly. Remove it and place it back until the cartridge matches employing a snapping or secured in clicking audio.
  6. The drum may require replacement. Replace the drum employing a fresh drum.
  7. Check the USB cable when it's firmly attached to both ends of its ports.
  8. If the printer has been disconnected from the system/router, then check your system if the difficulty lies out from the printer. You would possibly get to reset your router/access point and reconfigure your network.
  9. Confirm the drivers whether it matches the printer’s version or to urge this OS it's supporting. You'll have found out the incorrect version or supported the OS of these drivers or the drivers to the version of your printer you’ve chosen and installed was wrong.

Its error condition. If the difficulty continues, then continue below.

Perform a factory reset

Error exhibited from the printer or your computer and deleted the printers’ default printer settings. Producers have different techniques for analyzing their extremely own printers. Before you reset your printer, confirm it’s disconnected from the private computer and therefore the system, and it's not doing any printing job



  1. Activate your hp printer. Await a few moments until the printer completes initializing.
  2. Press and hold the facility button first then press and hold the cancel button.
  3. Keep both buttons pressed for 10 seconds.
  4. Publish the cancel button first before the facility button.
  5. Await the printer to print a test page.


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Xerox method 1

  1. Activate your Xerox printer.
  2. Attend the printer instrument panel then press machine status.
  3. Press the tools tab.
  4. Press device settings then press “reset UI to factory settings”.
  5. Press restart.


Xerox method 2

  1. Activate your xerox printer.
  2. Press menu
  3. Under tech mode, press ok when tech menu is highlighted. You'll proceed to data setup.
  4. Select your country and press ok.
  5. A printer configuration test page is going to be published to verify the reset.


Remember that by stressing your printer in a mistake condition, you would like to reconnect and install your printer connecting to your network again or remove the cartridge/toner/ drum and put it back again.

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Najeeb Ullah
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