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The 8 Biggest Mistakes that Every Fantasy Cricket Player Should Avoid.

bhagyashree gore
The 8 Biggest Mistakes that Every Fantasy Cricket Player Should Avoid.

How frequently do you make mistakes that lead to a loss in a game of fantasy cricket? To make a mistake is human indeed, but why to make mistakes when you can avoid the biggest fantasy cricket mistakes and secure a win?

Fantasy cricket has bring in the interest of millions of cricket fans and several other online gamers. It is an attention-grabbing online sport where the understanding of the sport and correct (accurate) predictions can lead you to a massive win. On the other hand, many real cash cricket game players end up making a few common mistakes while building (making) a team, deciding which game to play, etc. Therefore, if you are a passionate fantasy cricket player or just a beginner, steering away from these 8 biggest mistakes will increase your chances (possibilities) of winning the game. If you are a fantasy cricket beginner (learner), this beginner’s guide will help you get started.

8 Fantasy Cricket Mistakes to Avoid

Playing every single Match

One of the biggest mistakes players make in a fantasy cricket game is playing every single match. Several players attempt to play all the matches (contests) to increase their winnings just on the basis of their prediction (anticipation) capabilities. These players create their team without having enough (adequate) knowledge and information of the match and cricketers, or they blindly follow somebody else’s strategy to build a team. The outcome is mostly them losing the game.

On the other hand, in a fantasy cricket game, you need much more than just strong prediction capabilities. A player should have knowledge regarding the teams playing a particular match and an understanding of all the elements (factors) impacting the match. Winning matches in fantasy cricket require proper research on that particular match, the players, the playing conditions for example weather and pitch, etc. Hence, if you as well play all the matches, you should stop right away. You should rather focus (concentrate) on those matches which you are confident about and have done ample research on.

Selecting Favourite Players 

Favouritism might not take you far in fantasy cricket. Every single cricket fan has their favorite players and decides (chooses) to keep those players in the team irrespective of their performance and form. Such choices can lead to a huge loss especially if the players haven’t been performing well and haven’t been in a good form in the latest matches. 

While choosing your favorites for your team is not a problem, however, you should make sure that they have been performing well. You can go with your gut feeling of whether that specific player will perform well or not rather than choosing the player at any cost. In spite of everything, winning a fantasy cricket game is based on the performance of each player.

Not staying updated 

You might have to pay a heavy (intense) price if you don’t keep yourself updated with the upcoming (future) matches that you will be playing. Sometimes, fantasy cricket players are overconfident regarding their cricket knowledge (information) or are lazy to find out (hear about) the current updates of a match. A minor (small) mistake of not staying updated can turn into a huge (enormous) blunder in no time. This is because there might be last-minute changes (modifications) in players, injuries, and other such uncertain factors (elements). If you don’t stay up-to-date with such information you won’t have the time to make appropriate modifications (changes) to your team. 

Selecting Players without a Plan

Another common (general) mistake that fantasy cricket players make is while choosing players without a proper plan. Player selection should be based on a solid strategy that you have formed after analyzing the several factors impacting the match and the players’ performances. You must choose each player based on their skills, current form, overall performance, recent matches, pitch conditions, etc. For example, a player might perform better on green turfs instead of sub-continental pitches. In addition, different pitches impact the amount of swing or spin as well, thus, you should base your selection of a bowler on the pitch condition.

No Investment Plan

Confidence is good however it should be limited to your knowledge of the match. Being confident regarding winning every match will lead you to a big fantasy cricket blunder. Several players often commit such a blunder when they win one or two consecutive (successive) matches and subsequently invest all their winnings in one match. You might have heard of the famous (well-known) saying, ‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Apply (put on) the same in fantasy cricket and make an effective (good) investment plan to avoid losing unnecessarily. 

Overpaying Mediocre Players

Overpaying mediocre (average) players is another commonly made mistake in fantasy cricket. You may want to choose the highly talented cricketers for your team however, may miss out on the talent. In times like these, you would avoid overbidding on the lesser talented cricketers. As well, you should learn to let go of players 

Playing For Money

The mindset of playing fantasy cricket for money only is an absolutely wrong mindset for winning matches. Fantasy cricket is solely for entertainment purposes where you can as well earn prize rewards. The motive (cause) of playing the matches should never be based solely on the prizes as the matches (contests) can be very unpredictable. You should play to improve (make better) your skills and to enjoy (relish) the matches while increasing your cricket knowledge. Play free fantasy cricket and win cash daily at Onfield11 app.

Final Thoughts

Playing online fantasy cricket with appropriate research, understanding of the online cricket cash games and knowledge is of prime importance to avoid making extensive mistakes and losing the game. If you avoid the above mistakes with appropriate planning, your chances (possibilities) of winning the matches will increase significantly in new fantasy cricket app 2021. Hence, step up your game on free entry fantasy cricket app with strong research on the players, pitch, weather, records, etc., and play the upcoming matches on the best fantasy cricket league app – Onfield11. Being confident backed by appropriate research is what you need to win in fantasy cricket. Download the paytm fantasy cricket app now.

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bhagyashree gore
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