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Drip Course Content and Self-paced Courses Comparison

Pradnya Maske
Drip Course Content and Self-paced Courses Comparison

What is the drip course content? 

Drip-feeding is nothing but scheduling the delivery of your online course. It is the process of delivering course content in small chunks in which you don’t get all content of your course at once. In drip feeding courses, you get access to the next part of the course only if you purchase or sign-ups for the courses. In some drip courses, the next part of the course will be released on a specific date. Now you know the meaning of drip feeding, let’s look into drip course content vs self-paced courses.  

To drip or not to drip? 

Are you planning to create an eLearning course but not sure whether to make? drip course content or self-paced? For that, you need to know the difference between drip feed learning and self-paced learning. When it comes to course creation, drip feed learning is very different from self-paced learning. If you think your course is complex and your learners need time to understand with repetition, you can go for drip course content. If your course has simpler content and your learners need immediate access, make it self-paced so that they can complete the course at their leisure. 

Drip course content vs Self-paced courses 

Course scheduling  

In drip learning, there is no binge-watching all content at once, and that prevents your members from downloading all your content at once. It involves scheduling the course on a specific date, while in self-learning courses, learners can access the full courses anytime, anywhere. Self-learning courses allow learners to learn at their own time and pace.  

Permanent or standard content 

Self-paced learning is good for permanent content such as company policies or standard training manuals. If you need to update course content regularly and need time to update courses, then drip course content is ideal for you. When you know that courses or manuals are not going to change in the near future, then a self-paced course is the best option.  

Course with fixed time frame   

In drip-feed learning, you can launch courses with a fixed time frame. For example, a fixed-time course is for 15 weeks; then, you can drip your content out to your members on a weekly basis to keep them engaged and moving through the course. While in the case of self-paced learning, full course access is given to the learners.  

Courses with large amounts of content  

If your course has a large amount of complex content and needs time to digest, it is better to manage your course and divide it into small parts. Do not overwhelm your learners with lengthy courses, use drip course content, and deliver them over a longer period.  

Better sales revenue  

Drip learning strategy can help to increase sales revenue as a whole. It maintains your customer lead as it gives learners another reason to keep coming back to look forward. While in self-paced learning, such marketing strategy does not work as the content is served at once.  

Collaborative learning environment 

In self-paced learning, learners do not have the opportunity to work in collaborative environments makes learning dull and boring. At the same time, the drip course attracts more learners and motivates them to go to the next level of the course.   

Learning styles and needs  

Some type of learners prefers to go through the same learning content multiple times, and require more time to complete a course whereas some complete it very fast. Learners who want to finish a course fast don’t have to wait for others will go for self-paced learning instead of drip feed learning.  


We have discussed drip course content, self-paced learning, and the difference between drip learning and self-paced learning. So, which one is better, drip courses or self-paced? Both have different approaches, benefits, and drawbacks. You can choose anyone based on your audience, content, and learning goals. Paradiso solutions offer the best course creation tools that help you to develop training modules or courses using any method, be it self-paced, drip learning, or blended. 

Pradnya Maske
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