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Why is SEO so Important Today? -Know to Grow!

Ross Geller

Why is SEO so Important Today? -Know to Grow!


If you are on this page right now then you probably know what SEO is. 


Well, if not that you must be eager to know. Right! 


But the question is “Why?”


Are you thinking of starting your online business or want to grow your business?


Let’s clear one point here that these are two different things. Everyone starts but only a few stay. Ever wondered how?


To make a better understanding you should know why SEO is so important today.


Without further ado, let’s get started. 


1. Google is your new intelligent boss:


“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.” –Wendy Piersall


You must have heard a lot of times that SEO demands time and patience. It is the process by google that takes time. It crawls and indexes your content and verifies it then makes you visible in the top 100 types of research. 


And to get verified you need to follow the SEO rules then Google recognizes you as a genuine authority. Your first step to success is becoming prominent on the goggle radar. 


The simplest way to explain to you is that goggle only accepts you as the right domain when you can help its user in an optimized way.


2. Finding the right intent is your key to success:


Always remember that our targeted research lies under two domains: 


  1. User intent
  2. Goggle intent


We search and write to get ranked but keep that in mind that we are writing for our user to get ranked by google. Sounds logical?


Now, this is where SEO comes to play its role. Search engine optimization lets us know what the interest of our users is and how to reach the user via google. So SEO enables us to our business more analytically.


3. SEO assures your business success:


Now, if you have just started your business then we would highly recommend you spend most of your time learning the basics and tactics of SEO. You will never regret this in your life. From finding the best niche for your business to make it a big brand. SEO is going to be your loyal partner.


Targeting the organic traffic, analyzing the user interest, digital marketing, and getting all the statistics that will help you grow your business will come by optimizing your content. Deliverance of the right and required content is achieved by SEO. Even starting a food business need a Good SEO. 


Then comes the off-page SEO which is equally important as On-page and technical SEO. Backlinking from high-authority domains will change your business game. A recent study by Rackup.io shows how good backlinks can improve your Google ranking in a very short span of time. Do equal efforts for it as well.


4. Maintaining success is more difficult than gaining it:


SEO is like a resume, you polish it so you have your best foot forward.” – Matt Cutts

Google keeps on updating its rules for SEO. Try to keep your knowledge updated to maintain your position. Here are some tips for your business growth and maintenance using SEO.


  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) includes SEO and PPC. Working on SEO increases your pay per click. You will automatically get ranked.
  • Your target is to convert your user to a buyer. For this purpose, you have to provide content that will convert the informational search to the navigational point. This way CTR will increase.
  • Do good research for keywords using free SEO tools that will decrease the bounce rate on your site.
  • Lastly, do good analytical research about your competitors using SEO rules and make a strong long-term strategy to ace your domain.


We do hope that you have found this helpful. Let us know how this article helped you to increase your business. you can trust top growth hacker philippines for amazing business growth.  Search sporting events today.

Happy Marketing!

Ross Geller
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