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Top Tips to Prepare Your Roof for Seasonal Roofing Damage

Carolyn Lynch
Top Tips to Prepare Your Roof for Seasonal Roofing Damage

Every season brings with it its own challenges for your roof and home. Let’s explore the most common challenges that the roofs in this region have to deal with throughout the year and how a strong and resilient roofing system can withstand such extreme weather conditions with aplomb. Let’s get started
Winter Roofing issues

Probably, the biggest issue homeowners have to face during winters is ice damming. It occurs due to the combined effect of the outside sun and the inside heat that melts the ice accumulated on the roof. The melting water moves towards the edges of the roof where it freezes again to form icicles, sometimes big and sharp ones can be dangerous as well.

They can cause serious damage to your roof, and even harm the interiors of your home in some cases. The good news is that you can fix most ice damming issues with efficient ventilation and by installing a strong fiberglass underlayment. The latter provides a waterproof barrier that keeps the ice from damaging the roof underneath.
Summer Roofing Issues

Most roofs are not immune to the sun’s harmful UV rays. More sunlight means more heat entering your attic. As per ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer’s Association), the attic can get 65% hotter than the outside in summers. This excessive heat can cause significant damage to the inside of your attic and also bake the asphalt shingles from the inside out.

To fix this damage for good, you need to ensure proper ventilation and install high-quality shingles. Efficient ventilation can reduce the heat buildup in your attic. Also, the excess moisture that rises due to the high temperature gets expelled through the vents. At the same time, high-quality asphalt shingles with their UV-resistant granules can help protect your roof from harmful UV rays. Before purchasing the shingles, check their grade and the degree to which they can reflect sunlight.
Fall and Spring Roofing Issues

Powerful storms and high-speed winds are quite common during spring and fall. While the howling wind, thundering rain, and sound of swaying trees can be really scary, they can also be severely damaging to your roof.

To fix this issue, you need to ensure that all your roofing materials, including asphalt shingles, drip edge, fiberglass underlayment, and flashing, are of the highest possible quality. All these components work together to provide optimal structural strength and performance to your roofing system while also keeping water from collecting on your roof during heavy rains. 

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Carolyn Lynch
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