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Choosing the Right Air Conditioner for Me

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Choosing the Right Air Conditioner for Me

As the cost of home energy consumption continues to soar along with concerns about greenhouse gas emissions, choosing the right air conditioner (AC) requires careful consideration of factors aside from cooling comfort.

Ducted air conditioner installation

Air conditioners come in various types, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.




A ducted AC system is one that provides cooling to multiple rooms through a series of ducts which are usually installed in the roof of your home. This is a more complex system that requires the installation of a professional and is more expensive than other types of systems.




An evaporative cooling system works by drawing hot air from the outside and turning it into cool air inside your home. This is less expensive and more energy efficient than a ducted AC system and requires only the services of a qualified contractor for its installation. This works best in areas with low humidity.




A refrigerated air conditioner uses the evaporation of a refrigerant liquid to provide cooling. It is the common choice of many households because it functions well in very hot weather and lowers humidity inside homes.


Reverse cycle


This is a 2-in-one heating and cooling unit that works well in homes that experience seasonal hot and cold temperatures as the reverse cycle unit can be used as a heating and cooling system depending on your needs.


Split type


A split AC system provides cooling comfort using an indoor and outdoor unit. The split type is preferred to ducted air conditioners because it is relatively easier to install. Depending on the size of the room you intend to cool, the split type unit can also be more energy efficient than a window type air conditioner.

air conditioner repair

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the system that is right for you:



Mobile evaporative coolers are the least expensive, followed by window installed types. Split type units may cost more than window and wall types but not as much as the complex ducted air conditioning system which entails a separate expense for professional installation.


Energy costs

In Australia, manufacturers are required to display the Energy Rating Label containing a star rating for greenhouse gas emissions and useful information about the energy consumption of an air conditioner. Total energy consumption is expressed in kilowatts per hour (KWH) while a high star rating means fewer greenhouse gas emissions. To save on energy bills, look for a unit that shows a low KWH consumption.



The cooling capacity which is expressed in kilowatts should be proportionate to the size of your room. Know your room's measurement to arrive at the appropriate cooling capacity for your AC.


Other factors that can affect your choice include noise levels and appliance enhancements such as the remote control, timer and digital thermostat. Nowadays, choosing the right air conditioner is fast and convenient as you can compare technical specifications and features of several models online.


AIRLOCK Services
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