3 Quick & Actionable Ways To Attract Your Dream Clients

Twelve and Twenty Eight

As soon as your ideal customer stumbles upon your brand through your website or social media, one of two things will happen. They will either find something that will catch their interest and makes them stay to learn more OR they don’t find what they are looking for and they end up moving on. The latter would be a bad case scenario which is why you need to make that instant connection with your target audience and hook them in. 

Based on my experience in branding for interior designers and creatives, I bring you quick and easy tips that you can implement and attract dream clients for your service-based business. So, let’s dive right in!


We are surrounded by visual imagery in this day and age. Images have stepped up to do all the talking for a brand as people quickly scan to see if what you are offering is for them. Therefore using the right brand images that connect with people on an emotional level, is a very key factor to hook a potential client to your brand. Gone are the days of cheesy stock photos that look and feel fake! Having said that, not everyone has the budget to invest in custom, branded photography. So in that case stock photography is perfectly fine but you should know how to pick the right photos that represent your brand values + hit the right note in making your customers feel great.

For example: If you are a spiritual coach helping people with anxiety and depression, your brand images should make your ideal customers feel calm and motivated. Here are some image examples..

Some of my favorite places to find amazing, high quality, non-stocky photos are - Pexels, Unsplash, and Reshot

Go find some unique pictures for your brand that speak directly to your ideal target audience!


Although the stock photos that you end up using will do their part in making people feel what your brand wants to convey. However, do not forget or ignore the fact that your own pictures do more for your brand than stock photos can ever do. Stock photos can complement the vibe and tone that’s set by you. You are the face, the real human behind your brand! So share your story, how you started, your picture, your process, behind-the-scenes stuff and so much more. You have amazing tools at your disposal to do the sharing - your website, multiple social media channels, etc. This is a great way to show the human side of your brand that your audience can relate to and connect with on a personal level.


Did you realize that every word that is a part of your brand messaging has the power to attract and convert your ideal audience into loyal customers? If you never gave it much thought, it’s time you rethink your copy and make it more intentional. Here are a few tips to up-level your brand’s copy so that it genuinely attracts and converts!

· Plan your copy. Every time you write (website section, blog, email campaign, or a social media post), the copy needs to be carefully planned around a subject to get your message across clearly and in the shortest time frame possible.

· Get creative with headlines and introductions. Here are a few easy ways you can improve your website’s introduction :)

· Keep the body of text bulleted and concise for increased readability.

· Wherever applicable, include a CTA (Call To Action). A CTA ensures that you are providing the reader with an actionable next step. Typical examples look like - Buy Now, Learn More, Schedule A Call, Download, etc. You can also get creative with the CTA’s which brings me back to thoughtful copy-writing. Writing an enticing statement or question before the CTA button, makes the reader want to click! 

Are you having trouble attracting your dream clients who are a perfect fit for your services? The problem is not with your brand but the way you present it. 

Keep these tips bookmarked so you can return to them when you begin making necessary tweaks. And, as always, I’m here as a resource the whole way through :)

Twelve and Twenty Eight
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