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Steps to consider while building your bass guitar

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Steps to consider while building your bass guitar

A bass guitar is a type of guitar that contains only 4 strings to create a low pitch sound. Instead of strumming, it is played by using plucking and slapping techniques to add depth to a musical composition. A bass guitar kit is just similar to an acoustic guitar kit, and if you're planning to build a bass guitar, you can consider these steps:

Draft a plan

The first step is to create a plan. You need the essential tools like a jigsaw, sander, clamps, drill, wood rasp, and a few more. Create a design first that will determine how your bass guitar will look and then decide the type of wood you're going to use for your bass guitar kit. You can consider Mahogany, Maple, Ash, Poplar as the type of wood for your bass guitar kit.

Get on the woodwork

Buy the right type of wood that is at least 2 inches thick. Buying a jointer can be a huge help as it can help you to glue the wood parts together with constant spacing between them. Use as many clamps as you need and cut out your design with the help of a jigsaw.

Drilling and routing

It is suggested that you must practice with the drill and router first on a piece of wood to improve accuracy as you build your own bass guitar. Focus on the sides of the bass to make them round but be careful while making a cut. Use a router to make a neck pocket, pickup cavities, and under the bridge. Also, while using a router, make sure that you don't push it too much or it will burn the wood.

Connect the neck to the body

You can buy a guitar neck from a reliable store near you and connect it to the body with the help of a neck pocket you made earlier. Make sure the neck is adjusted according to the angle and feel that suits you. You can neck screws and a neck plate to attach the neck with the body. Once the neck is done, measure the length to fit the bridge.

Apply the finish

The most time-consuming part while building a bass guitar is applying the finish. Choose the type of finish and use lacquer to add a sleek finish to your bass guitar. Let it dry and you're almost done.


A bass guitar is an electric instrument and you have to add electronics to it. Create a hole in the bottom to fix a connecting wire for the amplifier. Then, add volume knobs and pickups to it. If you're not sure about electronics, you must let a professional do this job.

Add tuning keys, bridges, and strings to finish the job. If you’re willing to buy the best DIY guitar kit or left-handed guitar kits, you can consider solomusicgear.com. The firm has been providing top-quality guitar parts and accessories for a long time and each item sold by them is manufactured by reliable brands.

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