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Melasma: Diagnosis and treatment - Dr. Jyoti Sharma

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Melasma: Diagnosis and treatment - Dr. Jyoti Sharma

One of the common skin problems is known as Melasma. It is a condition that results in dark, discolored patches on one’s skin.

It is also known as Chloasma (Mask of pregnancy) when it is occurred in women known to be pregnant. It is more common in women compared to men.

What are the symptoms?

In a condition like Melasma, patches of discoloration start to appear on your skin. Darker in the sense that such patches are darker than your natural skin color. Such a condition can affect any area of your skin, most commonly face. Usually it can also affect those parts of your skin which are often exposed to the heat of sun.

Melasma can be noticed on:

  1. Cheeks
  2. Forehead
  3. Chin
  4. Nose bridge
  5. Forearms
  6. Neck


Such a discoloration of skin does not lead to any real illness or disease but can be a cause for self-consciousness for many people.

How do dermatologists diagnose melasma?

Best Dermatologist in Delhi Dr. Jyoti Sharma can diagnose most patients by looking at their skin. To see how deeply the melasma penetrates the skin, your dermatologist may look at your skin under a device called a Wood’s light.

Sometimes melasma can look like another skin condition. To rule out another skin condition, your dermatologist may need to remove a small bit of skin. This procedure is called a skin biopsy. A dermatologist can safely and quickly perform a skin biopsy during an office visit.

Is it treatable?

Some women don’t need to undergo any treatment because melasma disappears on its own after some time. Such a situation usually occurs when melasma is caused due to pregnancy or intake of birth control pills.

As for other people, there are certain dermalogical treatments which can help in fading melasma over time. While for some, OTC creams can work, others can opt for treatments like chemicals peels, dermabrasion, etc. Consult Best Skin Specialist in Delhi to know more about the best treatment to treat this condition.


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