5 eCommerce site navigation practices to follow



Make your eCommerce store more user-friendly and leads and conversions driving by employing strategic eCommerce site navigation.

Make your navigation setting forth all your business offers via parent categories followed by sub brackets, visible new arrivals, and search bar.


Ecommerce websites are a viable way to communicate the business online, with navigation being their vital part. You have to tell the visitors what a website has for them concisely. Therefore, drawing special attention to shape the eCommerce site navigation is necessary. An eCommerce Website Design Company can be an ideal choice for mapping an eCommerce sitemap.


Navigation Design Choices 


There are three options concerning the navigation style of a website. The first one is the top of the website beside the logo and below the search bar, often with a drop-down menu. The second option is to be on the right side/ left side of the webpage. Last comes the three-liner design feature, that after clicking, shows the menu.

Whichever design you choose, just be mindful that it should be user-friendly and responsive. , the visitors can find what they are looking for in one go. 


Prominent Parent Categories


Label the navigation bar with business-relevant keywords and add only the principal categories. Moreover, make them clear, understandable and avoid overstuffing.


Sub Categories


Subsequently, create sub-categories and add the products/ services in a straightforward way coupled with the parent categories. You can consult an Ecommerce Website Design Company for appealing yet practicable navigation concerning categories.


Distinct Categories 


Informing the website users about the new things about your business is quite necessary to engage them. That is, furnish the new arrivals, what new in sales, and promotional deals in a separate yet noticeable way; a separate category.

Guiding the visitors, either they are visiting you for-the-first-time, or they are coming again, enhances the site’s UX.

That is why we have included this procedure in the eCommerce site navigation best practices. 


Visible Search Bar 


A search bar is the best example of call-to-action (CTA), encouraging them to search and reach what they are looking for instantly.

Therefore, try to make it visible as best as possible—no need to sandwich it between the design elements and promotion texts mesh.

Navicosoft, a leading Ecommerce Website Design Company, maps out and develops a functional and user-oriented eCommerce site navigation. Thus, boost the business by drawing fruitful leads and conversions via the eCommerce website.

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