How to Get NGO Jobs in Tanzania

Jobs in Tanzania

You want to get NGO jobs in Tanzania? Well! Some NGOs offer attractive salaries and benefits to their employees.  Working with an NGO can be very satisfying, where you can help people in need and make positive changes in your immediate community. However, before deciding whether to work in an NGO or not, it is important to realize that some NGOs are volunteering jobs.  

Volunteering jobs are jobs where you are not paid for the work even though the activities you carry out in the name of the organization will be sponsored by them.

How to get an NGO job in Tanzania

Do you need NGO jobs in Tanzania?  Well, before you say “No!”  , Thinking that you will not get paid for the job you do.  Well, let me spoil your bubble.  NGO jobs are well-paid jobs.  There are several types of NGOs.  Some are international, others are local NGOs.

 Development work is an attractive choice for people around the world.  The sector has grown significantly over the past two decades as organizations have become larger, more sophisticated, and increasingly professional.

Working for an NGO provides an opportunity to make a difference, support others in need, and bring about positive change in societies around the world.

How to actually secure a job with an NGO is a question many people are considering breaking into the industry.  Do I need a certificate?  Do I need to speak different languages?  Also, Do I need to volunteer first?  What experience do I need?

The truth is that there is no single way to enter this sector with people from a variety of backgrounds, employment history, and experience in finding employment in nonprofits.

Tips on how to get NGO jobs in Tanzania

You have to have a cultural understanding

Most NGOs focus on an area with a completely different lifestyle from what you’re used to.  To be able to make the work you do effective in these countries, you must have understood their way of living and adapt your projects to that way of living.

There is no point in creating a project in India where people need to slaughter cows, because this is totally incompatible with their culture.  Therefore, you should be able to consider and accept the way they live as well.  This can be an emotional challenge – make sure you’re ready and prepared

Work experience

Yes, sure, you would expect this.  It’s not a lot of work experience in this sector in reality, but about working as a trainer or volunteer and seeing a part of an NGO, getting an idea of what it really means to work in an NGO and therefore knowing that this is really what you want.  Many NGOs also want to make sure that you already know a lot about the work you do and how best to find out from the actual work on the site. Continue Reading at jobsintanzania.org

Jobs in Tanzania
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