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Answering A Few Common Questions On The Roadside Assistance Cover In Car Insurance

Answering A Few Common Questions On The Roadside Assistance Cover In Car Insurance

A comprehensive car insurance policy will truly safeguard your finances during a mishap that involves your vehicle. The coverage provided extends to road accidents for own and third-party losses, natural disasters, and man-made calamities.

You can also opt in for a few add-ons to customize your coverage to fit your needs. One of the most popular add-ons in a car insurance policy is the roadside assistance cover. At a fractional extra charge to your premium, this add-on will ensure that you get help whenever you are suddenly stuck on the road. It can be truly unnerving if your vehicle gives up on you in an unfamiliar location due to a breakdown or a flat tyre. In such a situation, the roadside assistance add-on will provide much-needed help as called for by the situation.

In this article, we will answer a few common questions on the roadside assistance cover in car insurance.

1.What incidents generally get covered under roadside assistance?

The roadside assistance add-on will come into play if you get stuck anywhere with a battery breakdown, flat tyre, or locked out of your own car with the keys inside. The insurer will provide the help as required in the situation. For instance, you may need your car to be towed to a service station and require accommodation facilities if you are stranded during long-distance travel. Do remember that the coverage given under roadside assistance may differ between online car insurance companies. So, be sure to check with your provider what is included in your add-on.

  1. Does a claim under roadside assistance impact the NCB in a car insurance policy?

No, making use of the roadside assistance add-on feature does not affect your no-claims bonus if you did not have any other mishap with your vehicle in the given policy year.

  1. Is the roadside assistance cover costly?

The cost of the roadside assistance add-on varies between insurance providers. It is generally provided at a reasonable charge and is definitely worth paying for considering the benefits it brings.


  1. Who should opt in for roadside assistance?

It would be wise for anyone to include this add-on in their car insurance policy. However, the roadside assistance cover is especially recommended for owners of older vehicles, anyone buying a secondhand vehicle, and those who travel long-distance frequently.

  1. Does roadside assistance provide fuel in an emergency?

Yes, the roadside assistance add-on generally provides for fuel in an emergency where you find yourself stranded with an empty tank. Do check with your insurance provider what is the limit on the fuel that they can provide you with under your coverage.

We hope these answers have helped improve your knowledge of the roadside assistance add-on in car insurance. As we can see, this add-on offers you many benefits as a car owner. Finally, make sure to always renew your car insurance policy to stay protected at all times.

Take care, buckle up, and drive safely.


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