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Tips For Buying a Vintage Watch at online auction

David Jones
Tips For Buying a Vintage Watch at online auction


In the days prior to the Internet, the batch of the collector was that of a somewhat nomadic search for the elusive schedules, of innumerable visits too infrequently “findings”, but with all encouraging timelines that extend to many years, or even lives, to build substantial collections.

These days, the legacy work has been largely replaced with an ever-changing market of thousands of watches alone on eBay. The experience and understanding of the supply of the collector have returned backward and watches so far are considered rare or difficult to find regularly on several Internet auction sites.

Now it is possible to assemble large collections in shorter periods of time if your passion is shape and your coffers are profound. While this can satisfy the irrepressible obsessions and impulses of the Avid collectors, I wonder if I also prematurely gratify the collector’s appetite for a life of interest and acquisition.


The Internet has also had a significant impact on the price. There are no longer some bricks and mortar, vintage clock distributors monopolize pric structures and quarantine specialized knowledge. The disadvantage of this is that fewer people understand a relationship with their distributor or watchmaker and, instead, fly only on the Internet. However, if novices land in one of the most respected brand or vintage forums, you will find many generous people willing to share their knowledge.

While the online auction scene and specialized trading pages of watch forums began as a platform to connect wholesalers to retailers, it has been “matured” in the market where collectors are the vintage watches of a group From suppliers, they are not completely, but not completely. A retail market. The prices are, to a greater extent, determined globally these days.

Bloodsuckers Go Global.

The growth of the Vintage Internet Watch Market through online auctions like Fortuna auction and cyber dealers has also created a new group of consumers for vintage watches. And wherever there are neophytes with money, the smallest trade link is soon revealed.

In the online watch forums, the dissidence of seller practices with shadow and dishonest has increased in concert with a drag fatalism expressed by experienced taxpayers who regret that the villains and the shonks of the horological universe will finally push the good guys.

Another common theme to run through many threads in online forums is the ‘warning void’. This is often accompanied by somewhat ruthless feelings as if it were “difficult” and perhaps a useful and healthy experience for novices to buy a lemon or scrapping. At least they move away with a little more experience, so it goes the logic.

However, too much emphasis on the vacuum of warning and a bit of emphasis on blaming, name, and hooking chuckles that feed on the naivety of new and often enthusiastic bidders send the wrong message. When we placed an enus disproportionate on the buyers, the message we send to the parasites and the scam merchants is that the ingenuity of the buyer is a type of crime in itself. In the crooked mind of its average Internet parasite, which can mitigate your misleading and insignificant practices.

Blaming the innocent does it morally easier for shonks to enter denial and avoid facing the complete importation of their facts. It allows them to escape introspection and go out of confronting the fact that they are a fluff of navel, who hurt people, and that they are a plague in the horological landscape.

If you are new to the game and you want to avoid becoming a victim of the swarm of Internet parasites that are diving in Fresh Blood, observes the following precautions:

The list of neophytes of the vintage watch auction two and not what

The infancy images can hide a crowd of sins, only the offeror purchase of sellers who accept to provide you closely. It combines that the first plans with what you know are images of the genuine article.
Never buy a clock from someone who can not or will not provide you with movement close-up, case back, and dial.

Before making an offer, check the serial, caliber, and box numbers to make sure they match

If a period clock is seen as a new bright brand, it is likely that it has become seriously reincorporated. Ask the seller to detail exactly what was done. If it is not specified, its value will be seriously committed.

Never buy a watch that has been offered under a list of twenty-four hours. This is a favorite strategy of scam artists who purity genuine photos and make up false listings.

Never buy a vintage clock from a Chinese seller who has minimal comments or no comments. The most fraudulent listings come out from China, which Indonesia, Malaysia, and other Asian countries combined.
Unless you really know what you are doing, avoid sellers who have little experience in vintage watches. Offer of sellers who have excellent comments and a strong history of selling watches.

With vintage watches, be very distrustful of the descriptions, such as Mint, Minty, New-S Stock, New York, New-In-Box, maintains a perfect time, as new, never used, etc. Instead, go with vendors who detail their listings. Specific condition reports and use clear language to describe the clock.

Look for ambiguity in the listings. If the description can be taken more than one way, assume that the most negative connotation is correct.
Do many questions from the seller. Clarify any problem before your offer. Good sellers welcome the questions and respond fully to the consultations.

Shonks avoids being tied and I will often be in his answers.
Avoid sellers who have “private” comments or have opted for a private tender. While some sellers do this to avoid the second fraudulent opportunity that is sent to the lower offers, it is also conducive to sellers who organize what is called glass tender: register another name on online auctions and make a tender against the Genuine bidders to inflate the price of the clock.

How to know the upcoming auction of famous auction Houses?

You can visit the auction calendar on Auctiondaily for knowing the latest auction that going to happen which also provides art and auction news.

David Jones
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