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A prebuilt Zoom Clone app well-crafted with exciting features

A prebuilt Zoom Clone app well-crafted with exciting features

Over the past few years, the popularity of video-conferencing apps has surged. The wave of Covid-19 is one prominent reason for the sudden rise in demand for such apps. Well, this circumstance forced the businesses to transform into a work-from-home approach. To ensure work convenience and to communicate with co-workers, the video chat app comes into play.  

Even though there are plenty of video conferencing apps in the market, not every app supports group meetings involving a large number of participants. But, Zoom meets the operational demands for both business and personal purposes, which accommodates up to 1000 participants. If you are interested in developing the Zoom Clone app, it is imperative to include the must-have features. In this blog, let us have a look at some of the predominant features that you could consider adding to your video-conferencing app.   

Requisite features to be included in the Zoom Clone app

Feature-set will determine the app’s functionality. Therefore, considering user-friendly features has become a necessity. Some of the recommended features that you ought to consider are as follows. 

Pre-call video preview - This feature will enable the Zoom Clone app users to preview the video before joining. While previewing, users have the option to change settings like virtual background or filters. 

Chat - The chat feature is as important as the video chat feature in a video-conferencing app like Zoom. With this feature, users have a chit-chat with their friends or professional conversations with clients & co-workers instantly. 

Desktop sharing - It is the needed feature of a video-conferencing app that comes in handy. Users can connect from remote work locations and share their desktop screen with the other participants during a virtual meeting.  

Recording - This feature is useful to the user for many reasons. While you consider offering this feature, you have to also ensure that you provide storage for those recordings. You can let the users save the online meeting recordings on the cloud or locally on their devices. 

Virtual hand-raising - This feature is the must-have feature in a video chat app that accommodates more participants in an online meeting. It enables the users to convey their wish to speak when there is a large group of people in the meeting. 

Integrate new features in your Zoom Clone app

Apart from adding the required features in your video-conferencing app, it is obligatory to choose new features that are appealing & useful to the users. This way, you can sustain yourself in the thriving industry and get attention from a broader audience.  

Moreover, the integration of new features will pave the way for you to launch a Zoom Clone app that provides a seamless user experience. Recently, Zoom has introduced a new feature called “virtual background,” which will facilitate the hosts to arrange a meeting with a maximum of 25 participants into a single virtual background. When this feature is enabled, hosts can place and move participants into a virtual scene. Also, they have the option to resize the participants’ images.

The app users can select the gallery view when the meeting consists of a large number of participants. In case, if the users’ desktop and mobile do not support the app’s version, which includes the Immersive View feature, the users can even see the other participants in “Gallery view” or “Speaker view” with a simple background. Moreover, hosts can use their video as an immersive view, with the participants having their personal virtual background.  

Develop a video chat app using a Zoom Clone Script

Zoom Clone Script is a white-labeled & ready-made video-conferencing app solution that empowers you to launch an app within a few days. It is a carbon copy that replicates the features and functionality of Zoom. As the clone script is scalable and 100% customizable, you can modify it according to your requirements.  

One major advantage of using the Zoom Clone Script is pocket-friendliness and time-conserving process. It would be better to opt for script rather than choosing to develop a video-conferencing app right from the beginning. Everything you should do is approach the right technology partner and get a customized & personalized video chat app. 


The global video conferencing market’s net worth is estimated to grow at a rate of 19.7& and reach US $22.5 billion by 2026. Even though the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the demand for video chat apps, these stats prove that there will be a future for such apps. Thus, investing in the Zoom Clone app is a smart move in 2021. 

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