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9 Hottest Innovative Technology in the Gaming Industry

Arleen Atienza
9 Hottest Innovative Technology in the Gaming Industry

9 Hottest Innovative Technology in the Gaming Industry


The gaming industry has come a long way since it was first developed way back in the 1940s. Countless changes have been made right from the 8-bit graphics up to using mere gestures to operate a game. Developers had loads of fun coming up with new ways to make games more fun and fresh every time a new one comes out.

There are so many types of gamers to consider when coming up with a new technological innovation to improve the gaming experience. There are kids who prefer educational fun and basic math games, teenagers who are into role-playing games (RPG), adults who socialize via massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG), and those who are into single-player open-world adventure games.

Then there are gaming platforms to consider. An innovation like cloud-based gaming may be perfect for consoles but is completely useless for mobile phone gamers. Right now, the top three platforms are PC, console, and mobile – with mobile at the top spot after it took the world by storm due to its portability and convenience.

Gamers and developers alike have their own opinion on which gaming innovations are the best. Some may prefer augmented reality versus virtual reality, and some may pit mobile gamers against the “superior” PC gamers. Whatever these awesome innovations are, it’s important to get flexible time-off so you could have more “me time” to use to test out new games and unwind.

Here are some examples of both common and unbelievable technological innovations of the gaming industry.

Secure gaming accounts

Sure, accessing game data via a gaming account has existed more than a decade ago but when compared to how it used to be necessary to use cartridges or CDs just to access data, one can really see how much the ease of access has improved. Another innovation is how users are enabled to make secure online purchases instead of going from one store to another in search of a game they’re looking for. Now, one can just simply access their account and easily purchase the game they desire.

Game livestreams

Who says that gaming is just a waste of time and money? Nowadays, even newbie gamers have the chance to share their gameplay online via live streaming. What’s more is those who gather lots of views per stream session can make money out of it via different livestream platforms like Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube. People can watch and interact with their favorite gamers online by commenting.


Virtual reality

When asked what they love most about gaming, most gamers would say that it’s their way of taking a break from reality. Then what better way to disconnect from reality than immersing yourself completely in a virtual reality game right? Entrepreneurs and developers found intuitive ways to let gamers interact with simulations via VR headsets by incorporating other VR accessories such as gloves and remotes to make the experience more real.

Augmented reality

Some may say that augmented reality is an improved version of virtual reality. While virtual reality may seem like it transports the player to another dimension, augmented reality takes the real world into account and incorporates it in the gameplay. A famous example of an augmented reality game is Pokémon GO. It’s a game that encourages the player to go out and explore to catch Pokémons and interact with other players.


Think Jumanji or Ready Player One. Hyperreality games blend VR and the real world. It’s mostly played in pre-prepared spaces as it is a location-based entertainment (LBE). Here, players must wear accessories like goggles as well as gloves and/or computers for backpacks. What a user sees in the goggle corresponds to the physical space they’re in. So, if there’s a wall in the real world, expect to see one through the goggles. This can be a surreal experience for people who love highly immersive games.

Cloud gaming

Dubbed as the future of gaming, cloud gaming offers people who don’t have the budget to buy expensive gaming equipment a chance to enjoy the game of their dreams. It hasn’t reached full maturity yet, but there’s a huge number of users who are subscribing to cloud streaming services. There’s no need to download games or have a powerful graphics card because you’ll get to play the game on a remote server but control it on your device.


Mobile gaming

Mobile gaming today is not just limited to single-player games where a player controls a growing snake that eats the appearing food and avoids bumping on itself. Smartphones have advanced a lot and are now capable of running games similar to those played on consoles and PCs. Now, there is no need to stay at home just to play a game because of a phone’s portability.

Artificial Intelligence

In the past, players can easily memorize the actions of non-player characters (NPC) because they are programmed with simple if-then logic. Within a few tries of a level, you’d know where the enemy will come from and when they will attack. But today’s AI technology enables NPCs to learn a player’s movements and decisions thus making the game more challenging the more you play.

Cutting-edge graphics

Realistic rendering of the gamespace along with 4K monitors makes the gaming experience more realistic. While most games are still in 2D, the higher image quality attracts gamers even more as it nearly resembles real-life. Mix that with the sharpness and crispness that Ultra 4K monitors offer, you may as well give up hope on seeing the daylight ever again.


Arleen Atienza
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