Laser Skin TighteningLaser Skin Tightening

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Seekers of youthful looks can now rejoice in this new innovation of a non-surgical procedure. Laser skin tightening uses infrared light to heat up and contract or tighten the collagen. At the same time there is an increase of new skin cells replacing damaged ones. This process results in visible changes immediately, skipping over a recovery period.

Examples of laser skin tightening treatments are the Titan, Polaris, Candela or GentleYAG systems. All of these systems use laser technology to heat up the bottom skin layers where collagen is found while cooling the external skin masking any signs of external injuries.

Similar to the laser hair removal, laser skin tightening applies laser light - an intense throbbing beam of light - to the areas of the skin to be treated. The light goes through all the dermal layers.

The waves of light heat up the skin's water content producing a uniformed heating effect in the areas to be treated, making the damaged, disorganized collagen fibers tighten as fibroblasts produce new collagen.

At the same time, there is a cooling system that prevents the surface of the skin from heating up. This process, called collagen remodeling, brings about a firmer, younger-looking smooth skin.

Who would benefit from laser skin tightening?

The skin becomes loosened and sagging because of several reasons, like aging, pregnancies, abrupt or drastic weight loss.

Those with obviously sagging skin and fearful about the facelift procedure of surgery can choose laser treatment with its minimal invasion. Lines and sagging are improved in less time.
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For those with really excessive floppy or baggy skin, plastic surgery can be combined with laser treatment for best results. Laser treatment is best for those who want clear results on their skin minus the bother of cosmetic surgery.

Preparation 3 to 4 weeks before the treatment, you would be instructed to apply sun block and keep away from direct sunlight. You should also stop the tretinoin treatment, if you're taking one, at least one week before the procedure.

The doctor would also prescribe prophylactic antiviral medicines like Valtrex, for those predisposed to oral herpes, for a daily application before and for a week after the laser skin tightening treatment.

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Ayesha Ayoub
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