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Parchment Paper: 5 Ways to Find It Super Useful in the Kitchen

Jessica Wilson
Parchment Paper: 5 Ways to Find It Super Useful in the Kitchen

There are plenty of ways to use parchment paper in your cooking preparations. It’s a staple in the kitchen, but if you haven’t been using it, here are 5 ways it can help transform your cooking and baking skills. Try it the next time you experiment in the kitchen.

Easy Prep for Baking

You can use parchment when you prepare your ingredients before you bake. You can set out each dry ingredient into its own pre-cut parchment sheet. When you’re finally ready to start, you can just slide all those ingredients into the mixing bowl. That means you won’t have to wash any prep bowls again. If you want a faster and more efficient cleanup process, find the best parchment paper for rosin and use that when you prep. Just a reminder, though. If those sheets are clean, don’t throw them out. Re-use them instead.

Simplify the Process

You can use it for cooking fish. Just look for pre-cut parchment sheets so you won’t have to cut them yourself. No need to measure the sheets, too. Just use it to wrap a salmon veggie like a pocket and bake that. Good quality parchment sheets are easy to use and stand up pretty to the heat and moisture during the process.

Make Pretty Cookies

When you line up the cookies on the parchment sheet, you keep them from sticking or falling apart. That means when the cookies come out of the oven, they'll be perfect. You won’t have to worry about your cookies looking like a mess. After all, if you’re serving those treats, you want them to look as good as they taste. Parchment paper sheets help you achieve perfect-looking cookies.

Use as Snack Plates

It’s not always convenient to use plates. If you don’t want to deal with the cleanup of a lot of plates later, then just use parchment paper to serve the cookies. You could also layer the parchment over your dishes. Then serve while the cookies are still warm. That way, you avoid any heavy cleanup in the kitchen. If you’re already tired from all that baking, then reducing the amount of cleanup you’ll do by using parchment paper is a smart move.

Prep Multiple Batches

Are you cooking multiple batches of the same dish? Maybe you don’t have as many pans that you can use. No worries, just use parchment paper. Just prep the same dish and slide those into the paper. Then when the first dish is done, pick up any of the prepped packets and slide that into the oven or pan. It’s a bit of a waiting game but if your oven or pan can only fit one of those packets, then this is a good method. You just need to keep going.

Roast with Them

Parchment paper sheets are also used for roasting vegetables, chicken, and even bread. They save you plenty of cleaning time, too. If you want more eating and cooking and less cleaning, then use parchment paper more often.

Jessica Wilson
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