Guide to Reverse Factoring


Reverse factoring, otherwise called supply chain financing or provider account, is a monetary innovation arrangement that mitigates the negative impacts of longer installment terms to help purchasers and providers improve working capital.

Connecting purchasers, providers, and monetary associations reverse factoring improves income, decreases supply chain hazard, and gives an unsurprising degree of profitability to funders.

It has multiple benefits such as to buyer and supplier as well!

Benefits for Buyer

  • Advance installment terms with providers to improve working capital without harming provider connections.
  • Auto-transfer all affirmed solicitations to Prime Revenue’s innovation empowered reverse factoring stage, SCI Supplier, giving quick installment straightforwardness to providers.
  • Empower providers to sell affirmed solicitations for early installment as a trade-off for a little financing charge, improving their income and limiting supply chain hazards.
  • Add a key, non-obligation asset to your liquidity pool for subsidizing vital activities.

Benefits for Suppliers

  • Non-appraised and sub-venture grade providers access less expensive capital. The financing cost charged by a funder depends on the credit of the purchaser — not the provider.
  • More prominent installment consistency. All affirmed solicitations are transferred and accessible for early installment on Prime Revenue’s innovation empowered reverse factoring stage, SCI Supplier.
  • Climate financial choppiness. Quit looking out for enormous clients to pay past-due solicitations. All things being equal, get early installment for solicitations to proceed with activities.
  • Enhance your wellsprings of money. Reverse factoring offers a modest, shaky sheet approach to keep up activities and fuel development.

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