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Facts about the real cost of running an electric vehicle

car operating cost calculator
Facts about the real cost of running an electric vehicle

Using a car operating cost calculator is very important to help you understand the real cost of running an electric vehicle. Various governments across the world are taking an active role in reducing carbon emissions by striving to put an end to the sales of diesel and petrol vehicles in favour of electric vehicles. With this in mind, we are here to provide you with facts about the cost of running an electric vehicle. We will review all the factors that contribute to the cost of running an electric vehicle.

Running costs

Before buying an electric vehicle, people want to be assured that it is cheaper to run electric vehicles than it is to run petrol fuel vehicles. While the initial cost of buying an electric vehicle is higher, in comparison to conventional cars, due to the cost of the high-quality batteries used in them, the running costs of electric vehicles are cheaper in comparison to running diesel and petrol vehicles. While the upfront expenses may seem high when buying an electric vehicle, the long-term benefits outweigh the cons.

Public charging points

Plug-in hybrids are gaining popularity at an increased rate. Public charging points have grown in recent years from shopping centres to motorways – you can locate them through applications and head directly to where they are to recharge your vehicle. if you do not have a domestic charging point for electric vehicles, they are the best solution to charge your vehicle, especially when preparing for a long journey. They also offer slow, fast and rapid charges. You will find most electric vehicle charging points are free of charge. However, if you are looking for fast and rapid charges, they are likely to require payment. You must consider this when using an operating cost calculator.

Fuel cost

Paid or free, running an EV is cheaper than visiting a diesel or petrol pump to fill up. Energy costs are lower than the fuel required to fill the tank of your traditional vehicle. It can cost 2p per mile for fueling an electric vehicle but up to 14p per mile for fueling a conventional diesel or petrol vehicle.

Charging your electric vehicle at home

Charging your electric vehicle at home is the easiest and cheapest way to restore power to your battery. With a 3-pin plug, it will take you six to eight hours to charge. You should therefore invest in an electric charging station to reduce this time to 3 hours depending on the power of the station.

Grants for electric vehicle charging at home

It is worth knowing that grants from the government can bring your cost down if you are investing in a charging station for your home. you can apply for grants and if eligible, you can receive some funds to help you build your own ChargePoint.

Save on electricity usage

When you use a car operating cost calculator, you will realize that you need to save on your electricity usage. Charging your vehicle at home means you will incur higher electricity bills so you should search for a cheaper tariff and charge during off-peak hours.

car operating cost calculator
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