What is Zero Liquid Discharge & Why is it Important?


Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) is an industrial approach in which maximum amount of wastewater effluent is recovered for reuse purpose while dissolved salts and other constituent are disposed as solid waste. Therefore, there will not be any water discharge to the environment giving higher sustainability in terms of water usage. In a typical ZLD system, wastewater passes through an array of unit operations such as preliminary filtration, ultra filtration, reverse osmosis, evaporation, crystallization and product water polishing.

Green Pebble Technologies provides complete Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) plant delivering water usage and regulatory compliance targets. Although there are many ways to concentrate industrial wastewater up to saturation level, our innovative and integrated ZLD system effectively treats and recycles wastewater in a most sustainable way.

Application and Technologies

Typical source of waters are municipal water or industrial wastewater. Wastewater passes through the series of pretreatment, primary treatment and secondary treatment steps.

After secondary treatment, the solid waste is disposed and the remaining water is passed through series of membrane separation systems that allows clients to achieve Zero Liquid Discharge of industrial wastewater. GreenPebble Technologies provides patented hybrid Forward Osmosis technology for ZLD that allows brine solution to achieve saturated concentration and thereby significantly reducing costs associated with thermally-driven evaporators.

Few of the industries that may benefit from ZLD system are as follows:

  • Chemical Process Industries (CPI)- Regulatory Compliance and Water Recovery
  • Textiles- Dyeing and Wash Water Treatment/Recycle
  • Power Plants- Cooling Tower Blowdown Recycle
  • Pharma- Water Reuse and Regulatory Compliance
  • Plating and metal finishing- Rinse Water Recycle
  • Foods and beverages- Water Recycling

We understand that different industries have diverse and complex wastewater stream. So we design every ZLD-system by fine-tuning on customer’s needs and overall objectives.

Our Services

  • End-to-End water treatment solutions
  • Reliable process solutions- giving enhanced productivity in end user’s core business
  • Support meeting regulatory compliance
  • Help in reducing fresh water burden and waste minimization
  • Unique design to assist in resource recovery from waste


  • Water Recovery from RO Reject Concentration
  • Produced Water Treatment for Oil and Gas Industry
  • Cooling Tower Blowdown
  • Gasification Wastewater
  • Electroplating Washwater
  • Flue Gas Desulphurization
  • Industrial Plant Discharge Compliance


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