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#GameJet Gaming Platform- All You to Know About the Emerging Blockchain Application!

kalvera Bella
#GameJet Gaming Platform- All You to Know About the Emerging Blockchain Application!

GameJet gaming token is going to be one of the absolute and revolutionary digital tokens in 2021. The best thing you will enjoy about this token is it gives you an opportunity to freely grab a total supply of 1,000,000,000 JET (1B). The platform is currently running a registration and referral program to distribute 50 JET tokens on each set. Not only this event but also a bounty campaign serving 25 million tokensareon your doorstep to make revolutionary changes.

This project is definitely the future of the upcoming crypto industry, and you should acknowledgethe time and opportunity efficiently. We are aiming to reach out on a global scale leveraging the blockchain system. If you are willing to participate in this revolutionary project, look into the details, factors, whitepaper, and future milestones to join our journey of success.

Let’s start by introducing the project in a gist. GameJet Network is a gaming development Defi platform built on Tron-based standards and protocols. We have focused on players looking to buy games and in-game items along with launching our native currency- JET tokens. JET is basically a utility token developed on the Tron TRC-20.

We emphasize achieving wide adoption of blockchain tech applications by combining decentralized finance (Defi), scarcity (NFTs), and entertainment (gaming) into a whole new space. While analysing the crypto marketplace, we have come to a conclusion that this industry works on four main pillars that is essential in widespread adoption. They are Innovation, Mass Adoption, Security, and Regulation respectively.

What is a JET Token?      

JET token is popular as the best decentralized financial cryptotoken that intends to lead the industry in the upcoming phases with a plethora of benefits. Indeed, this asset willmake promising changes required in the gaming industry and crypto space by reaching out to crypto traders, investors, and gamers worldwide.

We are here to present a bunch of innovative projects developed by creative thinkers to make revolutionary growth and advancements in global transactions. Indeed, this token will soon be known as one of the most popular and best digital tokens to invest in 2021.

JET Token Distribution

The overall token supply of Jet token is innovative, 20% of the token supply is raised for the initial burn as per the carefully analysed distribution of assets.In presale, around 40% of the total supply is decided to be distributed with the initial pricing.

The distribution is considerably made on the following factors including theinitial Dex offering, future locking, presale attributes, innovation projects, marketing purposes, team and advisory, advance ecosystem, and bounty and airdrop campaigns.

Every mentioned factor holds a certain amount of token supply, whereas the public sale and presale cover anequal share of 40% of the total supply each. Besides that, the liquidity lock covers 20% and transaction token burn covers 20%, Devs and Marketing holds 20% respectively.If you want to understand the token distribution more in detail,take a look at it:

  • Token Name: GameJet
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 JET token
  • Circulating Supply: 1,000,000,000 JET token
  • Platform: TRC20 Tron Blockchain
  • Symbol: JET
  • Contract: TRAuXHmxGYTM73ZuKQnAtSYTDuDMine1BJ
  • Public Sale: 40%
  • Liquidity Lock: 20%
  • Initial Burn: 20%
  • Transaction Burn: 20%
  • Presale: 40%
  • Devs and Marketing: 20%

Innovative launch

GameJet Network will soonlaunch social media applications, decentralized games, NFTs, and exchangesby demonstrating numerous possibilities to reach an advanced level. Our team intends to create the product position in the global digital Defi marketplace to make peoplefeel comfortable and secure.

We are working effortlessly to create the most promising virtual ecosystem for the enthusiasts who have equal rights to participate in the growth by facilitating the enhanced instruments. Therefore, we are trying to bring a user-oriented automated entity to hit the blockchain industry and leverage them with a bunch of prospects in the upcoming future.

The team behind GameJet has already put forward the official roadmap, planned milestones, and found the way to our success. Soon, the audience will witness unprecedented changes in the industry.

Blockchain Games

Jet is a gaming token built specifically to support the GameJet Network protocols. This token asset is going to drive in major evolutionsby introducing innovative gamesin the blockchain gaming industry.

The players at GameJet can grab access to some high-tech multiplayer online gamesdeveloped on the latest technologies like Artificial intelligence, Augmented reality, and Virtual reality. We all agree that these sets of technologies are in action to transform the entire galaxy of the gaming industry. Using Jet games, a player can surely attain a plethora of profits like sharing rewards,bonus amounts, etc. without any expenses and hidden costs.

Legitimate Team

The team at GameJet Network is fully legitimate and known throughout the industries for creating effective blockchain solution and gaming tokens. We have a team of experts who belong to tech experts, marketers, and finance managers. Our team is working hard to create, develop, and design innovative gaming tokens that can bring positive effects to the blockchain gaming industry.

Audited Code       

This section includes an analysis of codesmaking a crucial fact for Jet to be a reliable digital asset to invest in low price. The constant auditing process removes major chances of defects, errors, and bugs in the system application. Following the administering process, our application is all free from high-security threats. Every single component and protocolhas been audited individually to secure from any future breaches.

Practical UseCase

We are making sure to raise the value and reputation of our digital asset and project efficiently to maintain the honour to invest in buying real-life assets. The users can freely purchase groceries, household appliances, etc. that are people dreaming about.

GameJet Referral Campaign

We have organised a registration and referral reward campaign to evenly distribute JET tokens.Now, anyone interested in joining our token sale can invite your friends and grab free Jet tokens!We have set 50 JET tokens to be raised for registration and 50 JET tokens raised for referral reward campaigns each.To join the event, connect your Tron wallet (Tronlink) right away to withdraw thegathered rewards.

Note that if your friend/family register for GameJet referral token program using your unique referral link and purchases JETtokens, you will directly receive incentives and bonuses depending on the ratio. Through this campaign and event, we aim to grow our community with you effectively.


  • No maximum limit on how many people to invite.
  • User needs to click on and register through your referral link and buy JET tokens for your reward eligibility.
  • The reward is given away as our gratitude towards the community those are helping us spread positive news.
  • Reward tokens will be distributed soon after the event is closed.

GameJet Bounty Program

Recently, we have announceda Bounty campaign running on GameJet Network to gather a huge client base. This event has commenced on 12 June 2021. Once the event is closed, we will eventually distribute the rewards as per the divisions allocated.

Out of 1 billion total supply, 9% tokens are raised for marketing purposes and 2.5% is raised for the pre-listing bounty programs. In order to claim free JET tokens, you must complete the assigned tasks and submit your TRC20 address with assigned work.

  1. https://twitter.com/gamejetprotocol-Follow, like, comment, and RT at least 15 posts on the official Twitter account
  2. https://t.me/Gamejet_Official -Join, and comment about the project on the official Telegram account
  3. https://www.reddit.com/user/gamejetprotocol-Follow, like, and comment on the official Reddit channel
  4. https://gamejet.medium.com-Follow, like, and comment on Medium
  5. https://www.facebook.com/gamejetpro-Follow, like, and comment on official Facebook account
  6. http://www.gamejet.network -Visit, register, and refer to the official website

The user can choose any task according to your choice and submit the TRC20 address, Twitter profile link, and Telegram ID in this form: https://bit.ly/3qukD9x


  1. Do not perform multiple account registrations
  2. Spam, abuse, and insult any commentaries will not be tolerated
  3. Accounts with negative trust will be disqualified
  4. The social media account should contain a minimum of 100 genuine friends/followers

Why is GameJet Good for Investors?

Referral Bonus         

GameJet decides to providea referral bonus for every investor. Now those who are willing to invest in our project and be a part of the GameJet future are humbly welcome. We are looking to expand our network and project while taking in many more investors to join our journey.

The referral bonus is set to be sent to the investors’ wallet right afterany of the existing holder’s referral purchases JET. Also, after a duration period,the investor will also receive an incentive for the transactions automatically.

GameJet- An Innovative Project

To raise the popularity of GameJet Network globally and JET as the fastest-growing cryptocurrency, we are focusing on the expansion of the industry. To make this project a highly renowned gamer token, we will aim for a significant amount of time, energy, and required fundsforfuture investment.

After token distribution, all the funds received are further redistributed to building games, GameJet DEX, product brands, and DApps.20% of the token supply will be invested on the GameJet team for expanding and exploring the industries. Not only enhancing the market space but also this token fund will be delivered for marketing purposes to promote the project on various channels.

Revenue Streams of GameJetTokens


The GameJet game will be designed and developed using multiple technologies combining the latest tech protocols and concepts likeaugmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence resp. We will also use haptic technology to advance and enhance the gaming sphere. The combination of these technologies with blockchain is best to create a new innovation of games.

The revenue generated after downloading these games is set to be invested in strengthening the GameJet communityand the gaming industry as a whole.

Utility Applications

GameJet is now considered a specialized and sophisticated gaming application developer to build high-end products and future multilevel games. We are aiming to announce a kind of application to reduce the complexity and issue of cell phone theft.

Decentralized Applications

We consider our plan to be a growing movement happening to reinforce the blockchain and gaming industry altogether on the basis of business models. The DApps developed on GameJet Network are projected to empower the mega projects running in the large-scale marketplace.

Final Words

The JET token is the best-recommended token to invest in 2021 that will transform and advancethe life of gamers. Currently, there are around 2 billion gamers worldwide, however, theystill don’treceive bonus points and rewards. Using the GameJet platform with JET tokens the user will attain some innovative changes in the future.

By analysing our overall adaption to the market stats, we have a huge chance to hit $1 soon. So, be ready to experience our positive changes through the demonstration of the best cryptocurrency to invest in.

You can follow GameJet here:

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/gamejetpro

 Twitter : https://twitter.com/gamejetprotocol

 Medium :https://gamejet.medium.com

 Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/user/gamejetprotocol

 Telegram: https://t.me/Gamejet_Official

 Website : http://www.gamejet.network

kalvera Bella
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