Expectations from a Visitor Management Solution in 2021

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They say, once you join an organisation, you join the family and the workplace becomes your home. You begin adapting and ornamenting the space like your own personal domain. When one associates themselves so closely with the workplace, you would want those visiting from outside to have a seamless experience too. 


These visitors can be any stakeholders, internal or external. From contractors, suppliers, clients to even colleagues, each one of them becomes a guest in your workplace. To enhance their experience and to ensure minimal hiccups in their visit, various tools and softwares have been evolved over time.

One of the most pivotal of these aids is the Visitor Management System that promotes easy facilitation of all visits in the physical corporate arena. Driven by the visitor management solution, the system allows tracking the visitor from the point of entry till their exit and oversees their end to end visit.

Why adopt a Visitor Management System over conventional visits?

The perks of adopting the visitor management system is known to all. Be it easier record keeping, tracking all visitors or efficient management of the workplace, the list just goes on. Progressive corporations should adopt the VMS practice because of the following reasons: 


  1. Replaces the manual process with digital efficiency: With a visitor management system we reduce our reliance on manual operations and thereby eliminate any chances of human errors whatsoever. By shifting to a more technically equipped workplace, we also reduce the time in which the tasks are done and thereby boost productivity.

  2. Permits a flexible workflow and allows experiences to be minutely customized: With a visitor management system, we can customise the visit for each client. As the purpose of visit varies from one stakeholder to another, the experience they entail from their visit should also differ. This is the flexibility that a visitor management system provides.

  3. Easy administration: By having each step of the visitor tracked, it becomes easier for the administration to be well aware about the status of the workplace at any given time and also facilitates easier record keeping. 


These benefits among many others highlight why such an arrangement be adopted in a workplace to significantly boost its operational efficiency.

How does a Visitor Management System work?

A visitor management system takes complete end to end charge of the visit cycle. It includes the following features:
- Lightning fast visitor check ins - We begin the visitor’s experience on a high note with user friendly terminal, contactless check-in and iPad receptionist app.

- Covid health declaration - Keeping the current situation in mind, the visitor registration app takes the person’s declaration to ensure the safety of all the stakeholders involved.

- Smart instant notifications - As soon as the entry steps are done, the administration is intimated about the guest’s arrival.

- Check out capture - This feature helps to track visitors until the end of their visit to the workplace. 


With these 4 broad easy steps, VMS software is able to make the complex cumbersome process much simplified.

Why choose a Visitor Management System in the post pandemic world?

With automated visitor experience, the way forward in the post pandemic world has to be through visitor management system India. Touchless visits and health declaration further redresses all safety concerns as we ensure that all covid protocols are in place. Removing any sort of manual intervention would only prove to be more value additive as social distancing has become non negotiable in today’s time.


As we brace for a return of the employees and hosting visitors back to the workplace, the safety and security of not only the employees but also the external stakeholders have become of paramount importance. Being one of the leading Visitor Management Solution providers, we at Veris believe that a guest management system can ensure that we provide an experience so seamless that the visitors are compelled to visit again! 

Veris - Digicred Technologies
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