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Football betting guide: learn to make your guess on the internet

Jhon s
Football betting guide: learn to make your guess on the internet

Internet sports betting has transformed the routine of millions of fans around the world. After all, the chance to test your knowledge, increase your fun and still be able to profit from it is a huge attraction for those who are passionate about sport.

As it could not be different, the most popular sport on the planet is also the one that attracts the most betting fans. Making an accurate guess in football is an emotion that fans from dozens of countries enjoy at each round, in the most diverse championships.

European football tends to concentrate most of the bets on the sport, but this is just the beginning. fans can place their chips in their own teams, both in state and regional competitions and in national and continental tournaments. Not to mention the tournaments between national teams, such as the World Cup, Copa America, and Euro Cup.

There are plenty of options – and that goes both when choosing the championship of your choice and when deciding how to bet. We have prepared a guide for you to answer your questions and make your guesses, explaining everything you need to know to profit and have fun in the world of football betting. you may visit here for betting online ufa747

Learning to bet on football

Anyone who has not started exploring all the possibilities offered by sports bookmakers may find it difficult to understand how it all works. None of this: betting sites offer the most varied alternatives for guessing, catering to both novice users and more experienced players.

If you are interested in knowing how to bet on football, it is recommended to start with the basics, that is, find out what are the different betting possibilities in the most exciting sport of all.

There are several ways to make a guess in football, the most popular type of bet being known as Moneyline. In it, you need to decide who will win the match (or if it will end in a draw). Each possible result offers a different quote and your profit according to that calculation. You don't have to worry about the goal margin or the final score: what matters is who won the game, that's all.

This is just the beginning. If you want to make more elaborate and complex guesses, there are plenty of alternatives. Want to put your chips in the final result of the competition? So just explore the futures betting markets. Think you can predict more specific scenarios in a match? So get to know options such as handicap, double chance, draw voids the bet… There are countless possibilities for you to know, always with excellent profit possibilities.

The best bookmakers on the internet

In addition to understanding how hunches work, you need to choose a safe and reliable place to bet. No gambler is willing to put his money on a site with a dubious reputation. That's why it's worth taking the time to get to know the best bookmakers. These sites accept guesses from players in the country, have versions translated into Portuguese, and are well established in the market. In addition, they offer customer support services, answering all your queries.

Once you've registered, a process that is often very simple and quick, you're ready to make your first deposit and start betting. Keep an eye out for the bonus options offered by online bookmakers. All of them present new users with an additional credit for you to make your first guesses. A great opportunity for you to make a good profit right from the start.

If you can make accurate guesses in the championship of your choice, just log into your account and ask for the redemption of the amount that is in your account. Each site has specific rules and deadlines for withdrawing your profits, but the process is usually quite smooth. In addition, bookmakers accept different payment methods, which means that you have different alternatives for making deposits and withdrawals.

What are the odds in football?

The odds are the odds of each team or athlete on a sports bet. They represent the odds of each possible outcome in a match or competition.

Each possible outcome (home win, draw, visitor triumph, and so on) has its odd published by the bookmaker. Based on this number, the player can choose which is the best guess option for each game. It's all about risk and returns – the more unlikely the outcome, the greater your profit.

The easiest way to understand what odds are and how they work is to look at them in practice. Enter a betting site and consult the Brasileirão round table. You will notice that favorites have lower odds and underdogs, or zebras, have higher odds. If you choose the favorite, the chance of winning is great, but the profit is smaller. If you choose the underdog, the chance of winning is small, but the profit is greater. That simple.

You may be wondering: who determines these odds? Well, bookmakers have people hired specifically for that. Based on the most diverse factors – field command, historical background, competition campaign, among others – they calculate the odds and establish the quotations for each team in each confrontation.

Learning how to choose the most advantageous odds is the first big challenge for anyone who wants to become a successful gambler. You can be more conservative and place your chips only on fired favorites. In that case, however, your profit margin will always be very small.

The big thing is to identify the most attractive quotes in less predictable matches. If you manage to nail the outcome of the game, your profit margin will be much higher. Not to mention the zebras. If you're cold-blooded to invest in a surprise, you could end up multiplying your investment. It all depends on how much you are willing to risk – and how much you have developed your awareness and knowledge.

Learn to use expert predictions

No matter how well-informed you are, it's impossible to keep up with all the news about a championship. You can even know all the squads, watch different matches and know which teams are going through the best time, but there is always some additional information that can contribute when making a guess.

Embezzlement due to injury or suspension, a very favorable retrospective for a certain team, calendar conflicts that can force the coach to spare his main athletes… There are several variables that must be taken into account when choosing the favorite in a given confrontation.

That's where football experts' hunches come into play. They help you see all the factors that can weigh on your decisions, increasing your hunches' chance of success. It's not about putting aside your own knowledge and your own sensitivity about the games you want to invest in. It's your guess and the choice must be made by you. Knowing different perspectives, however, is one of the keys to the success of the best bettors.

You may disagree with the experts' hunches, this is more than natural. Even in these cases, assessing their opinion is important – after all, you can weigh factors that you didn't take into account when making your guess.

Do you want to follow the projections and forecasts of our experts? Follow the Ganhador news, follow our profiles on social networks, and expand your repertoire and your knowledge of the most important competitions international football. Your chances of making an accurate guess will certainly get bigger.

Understand the most used terms in the betting universe

We've already explained what the term “odds” means, but that's not the only word you'll use when you decide to dive headfirst into the world of sports betting. The glossary of terms most used on gambling sites has many words that you may never have used before. Before long, however, it is quite possible that they will become part of your guessing routine.

A good example of this is the term handicap. It is used in bets where positive or negative margins are added in order to balance the quotes. In practice, it works like this: the bookmaker sets a minimum amount of goals for the winning team, as if the underdog already started the game with the score in his favor, while the favorite starts at a disadvantage. For the guess to be considered the winner, the final score must be favorable even after the handicap goals have been discounted.

There are also terms referring to the operation of bookmakers. The bonus, for example, is the amount offered by bookmakers to encourage the user to test the site and explore different options for guessing. It is usually calculated based on the amount of the first deposit you make when you register. Many bookmakers continue to offer additional bonuses to more frequent users.

Another term you need to know to understand how gambling sites work is rollover. That's because your bonus cannot be withdrawn as if it were cash, at your disposal to do whatever you want. The amount awarded by the bookmaker to encourage the user to start playing is linked to some rules, and the rollover refers to the minimum number of guesses you need to make before being able to withdraw the money obtained from the bonus bets.

And juice, do you know what it is? Well, this is the percentage that an internet bookmaker receives for every bet that is placed on their website. That margin is what keeps the betting sites going. It usually varies between 5% and 10%.

The best championships for you to make your guess

The best bookmakers on the internet offer the possibility to place your chips in all national and international football leagues and championships. That's right: if you prefer to make your guess in regional competition (Nordestão, for example) or in a lower division (such as Series B, C, and D in Brasileirão), the most complete betting sites offer what you are looking for.

Likewise, continental tournaments such as the Copa Libertadores and the Copa Sudamericana also offer excellent profit possibilities – in addition to the additional challenge of choosing winners in clashes between teams from different leagues, which always represents an additional difficulty, even for bettors with higher hit rates.

For many people, betting on the club or league closest to their day-to-day is the best option. It makes sense: you follow the news closely, you know all your opponents well and, therefore, you can make a guess with more chances of success. On the other hand, other bettors prefer not to mix fans (and club preference) with guesswork – and choose to place their chips in the major competitions of European football, for example.

In this case, a big advantage is the wealth of information available about each competition. Let's say you want to bet on a match in the English Premier League, one of the most closely contested and evenly matched championships on the planet. In this case, the best betting sites offer extensive statistical data for you to support your guess with a lot of information.

Furthermore, championships such as La Liga (Spain), Bundesliga (Germany), Ligue 1 (France), and Serie A (Italy) often offer numerous options for guessing, increasing your chances of success.

Do you think Juventus will be unbeatable in Italy with Cristiano Ronaldo? Then you can make your investment in a long-term bet on the Italian Championship. It is also possible to put your chips in the artillery of the competition, investing now in an outcome that will only be known months later. There are countless chances for you to profit and have fun.

Jhon s
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