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How to make a discount coupon?

How to make a discount coupon?

How to make a discount coupon and how to apply for a campaign on LINE SHOPPING

Business operations from the past to the present, whether it is an offline business or, Best Coupon Codes of Kuwait Online Shopping Sites from CouponPlusDeal, sell products online All have to create satisfaction for customers to come back to buy products again. Creating discount coupons is one of the ways to attract customers and generate sales for your business.

Online shopping apps like My Shop also have a cool feature that can create discount coupons as special privileges for customers. In this article, merchants will learn how to make discount coupons like a pro on My Shop, but eh… coupons. How is that useful?

The benefits of making a discount coupon

Coupons are known as an important promotional tool to promote sales and encourage customers to make purchases at that store. which may take many forms since the discount win prizes Buy one get one free, etc.

In the old days, paper coupons that were used often had problems such as lost or torn. make it as inconvenient as it should be Currently, Electronics Coupon (E-Coupon) is used to fill this gap. with a quick and easy way to make a discount coupon Increase convenience for both merchants and customers especially those who recently started a business to be able to have more sales without having to invest that high

Discount code feature on My Shop

Creating a discount coupon on My Shop may be different from creating a coupon on a LINE Official Account because My Shop is called a “discount code”. Will help create incentives for customers. to be more interested in our products and when the discount code is applied It can be applied to every product in your storefront. Quickly speed up sales Generate non-stop profit ever.

How to make a discount coupon Every seller can do it themselves easily. Able to configure the format and set up the usage in detail. You can create a discount code from both your computer and smartphone. What are the steps? Let's find out!

How to create a discount code

  • Log in to MyShop through the app or on the website and go to the eCommerce menu.
  • Click on the menu “ Discount Code ” and click “ Add Discount Code ”.
  • Fill out the details completely.

Important to fill in the details of the discount code. 

  • Discount Code Name - Should be in English or English with numbers.
  • There are 2 types of discount value - the number of baht and the percentage amount.

The discount code in the number of baht cannot be used with the product whose price is less than or equal to the discount code. For example, Best Promo Codes of USA Online Shopping Sites from CouponPlusDeal, a product priced at 100 baht can use a discount code of 99 baht or less only.

A good coupon should have these.

  • There are clear conditions such as “10% discount immediately when purchasing a minimum of 900 baht” 
  • Specify the end date such as “From now until 30 June only” “Within today (day, month, year) only!”
  • additional advertising words to make customers want to buy more

When the seller fills in the details completely, you can press “Open to display” which shows the discount code on the store page immediately. Let customers enjoy shopping with discounts on Online selling websites like LINE Shopping and allow merchants to make a profit at the same time.

Join the LINE SHOPPING campaign via MyShop.

When you know how to make a discount coupon Merchants should not miss joining LINE SHOPPING, a platform that collects online stores from MyShop in one place. This allows customers to shop directly from the LINE app as if they were at a storefront. and can also chat (Chat) to talk to the shop without having to switch to other apps Provide a seamless shopping experience Which the seller will be able to expand the customer base and increase sales in a great way

The LINE SHOPPING campaign will help your store to be promoted. Build awareness (Awareness) as well. And the process of applying for the campaign is very easy as follows:

  • Log in to My Shop through the app or on the website and go to the eCommerce menu.
  • Click on the “ Join Campaign ” menu.
  • Choose a campaign that is suitable for the product and press “ Apply to join the campaign ”.
  • Fill in all details, especially promotions that must be checked thoroughly before pressing submit. Because if you want to change the promotion later, Latest Coupon Codes of UAE Online Shopping Sites from CouponPlusDeal, the team will take time to cancel and the shop must reapply. causing you to have to queue for a new approval It's a waste of time and opportunity. Therefore, absolutely do not forget.


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