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Is the digital marketing certification worth it

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Since the field of digital marketing is expanding very rapidly there are a lot of jobs in digital marketing being created on a daily basis. As a result, many individuals are becoming interested in getting the digital marketing certification and are asking the question – “Is the digital marketing certification worth it?”

Why Digital Marketing Certification worth it?

1. Many career options -

Any individual who gets a digital marketing certification will have a variety of career options to choose from -

  • Analytics Manager

  • Content Manager/Content Marketing Manager

  • CRM Manager  (incorporating Email marketing)

  • Digital Account Manager /  Sales Director (Agency role)

  • Digital Director / Head of Digital

  • Digital Integrated Copywriter

  • Digital Marketing Manager or Web Manager

  • Ecommerce Manager

  • Marketing Director

  • Marketing Executive

  • Marketing Manager

  • PPC Search Manager

  • Search Manager

  • Social Media Manager including Community Manager

  • Web Developer / Designer

2. You will become credible in the eyes of the hiring managers -

It is very simple to enter the field of digital marketing and there are no high-class of education requirements. An unfortunate side-effect of this fact is that many unscrupulous elements try to enter the field and try to trick the hiring managers of the businesses and organizations which are involved with digital marketing by providing false information on their resumes and their interviews.

As a result the hiring managers feel very reassured and very happy when they see the authentic and respectable credentials of the digital marketing certification on a candidate’s resume. The hiring managers immediately give a lot of credibility and respect to the candidate who has these credentials and give them first preference in the applicant pool. 

3. High demand but low supply of skilled professionals in this field -

There is a very high demand for skilled digital marketing professionals in this field but there is a very low supply of them owning to the fact that the field of digital marketing is very new and as a result has not yet caught on in the professional world.

The field of digital marketing is expanding rapidly and because of this there are a lot of job opportunities and vacancies in the field but there are not enough skilled professionals to fill those vacancies. So if any individual gets a digital marketing certification he will be able to find a job in this field very easily.

4. You will quickly build a large portfolio of projects -

Digital marketers are always incredibly busy because they have to keep working on one project or the other and keep managing multiple digital marketing campaigns simulatneously. As a result, they quickly gather a lot of experience and expertise by working in the field in a very little amount of time and their portfolio of projects quickly grows to an impressive size.

What is the highest position in digital marketing?

Marketing automator is the highest paid position in digital marketing. It is both the highest paid position, with a salary of 16,00,000 INR per annum and it is also the position which requires the highest educational qualifications.

The job of a marketing automator is to automate all of the processes of digital marketing such as keyword research, link building, demographic targeting, data analysis, content checking etc. Since a marketing automator can save large amounts of money for a company he is paid very highly.

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Careerera Education
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