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7 Tips for naming your brand or business

Manish Pandey
7 Tips for naming your brand or business


When we all come across these names of the brand and business we all get so excited and wonder how the name of the brand took place.


Naming the business is the most challenging & important step one can come across. How you think of your brand in the business is solely a large process.

Most brands have a story behind their name. The term brand says a lot of things, there's so much in the world brand. When you think of the different brand names like BMW or Mercedes or going about the luxury brand name of tours & travels companies like Veena world, Thomas cooks, from hotels like Taj to restaurants such as Maharaja Bhog and the airlines like emirates to the elite clothing brands like Zara, It's the name, the material, experiences, p and so on. But how would one be aware and conscious? Well, A brand represents their market identity who they are? What do they do? What kind of quality do they provide? Their reputation and so on.


And that's how one can decide the brand name because of the story behind it.


Here are some Do’s & Don'ts of naming your brand



  1. Use a name that is short & simple.
  2. Have a meaning a story behind the brand's name
  3. Use your business name everywhere and try saying it out loud.
  4. Check your company's name in different languages as well.
  5. Take a test from others
  6. Have a unique and simple brand name





  1. Do not put country’s or place name to avoid confusion.
  2. Don't pick a wrong name that your impression goes off.
  3. Do not use your first name word or last name word.
  4. Do not use signs & symbols as your brands’ name
  5. Don't choose a name if its too confusing or hard to pronounce


Once you have your companies or brands name in your mind make sure that nobody else owns it, make sure the websites & urls are available, make sure the social media is available.


Choosing a company’s name needs a lot of enthusiasm & understanding behind it. It could be a lot of fun. By sticking to a few simple rules you can excel a great brand name.

Well naming your business can be difficult but we are here with some amazing tips to let you help the business & brand name.


Here are 7 Tips for naming your brand or business


They are as follows


  1. Avoid hard to spell names


Do not mention hard to spell names, so that your potential customers get confused & eventually not get your company's website online. Keep it simple.Use a name that has a meaning to it and conveys a story or creates awareness.


  1. Do a through research


Now before doing some brand names research you need to check out different brands, read about them, read their story behind, and then look out for your business name. A Lot of times we decide on the company;s name but at the end there’s someone already from that company. So to avoid such mishaps do a thorough research of the brand's name.


  1. Conduct a trademark research


Possesses research on USPTO. Gov to get an idea of your trade mark & service mark.

  1. Use specific names


Use names which are specific and have some valuable meaning to it. Avoid names with confusing titles. Use tiles like ‘8 minutes abs & 5 hour energy.


  1. Avoid names that could affect your business


Avoid names like wedding bells of pune or hasty tasty food of mumbai. You don't want to limit your brand or product by using such business names.


  1. Have a descriptive name


It's important to help your clients & to be relevant. Being descriptive would definitely help it out. A descriptive name of a business could be what does your business do, what is your business about, What are the product's service range.Be very strategic to out your business name as it all matters to business growth.


  1. Register


Once you have decided and confirmed your business or brand name now is the time to register your business name. The process would vary depending on what type is the business.


To conclude,


Yes it gets stressful when the naming of the brand starts to fun but gets very stressful. At the end while naming your business it should also sound phonetically good and you want a name which is very easy to spell, quite easy to understand and much over all to take as their own.


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Manish Pandey
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