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Tips on How AI Can Empower Your SEO

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Tips on How AI Can Empower Your SEO

Humans aren’t mind readers, yet 76% of customers expect businesses to anticipate their needs and expectations. Fortunately, advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning are helping SEO specialists manage and unify data, understand user behavior, predict user needs, and deliver personalized experiences. These disruptive technologies are enabling SEO experts to improve the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Search engine optimizers will be the first to say there is no one-size-fits-all SEO solution for businesses. SEO experts hustle to keep up with algorithm changes and search results impacts. 

Of course, there are traditional SEO strategies that stand the test of time: keywords, image optimization and high-quality content continue to be cornerstones of effective SEO. That said, artificial intelligence threatens to change the way businesses operate online. Are you ready for the future of search engine optimization?


As of 2020, 37% of organizations have used AI in some form to optimize business operations.  AI technologies that are making waves in marketing and advertising today include:

  • Machine learning
  • Natural language processing
  • Computer vision
  • Deep learning
  • And more

The general goal of these technologies is to automate labor-intensive or mundane tasks to free up workers for more important tasks. In short, AI makes life easier. 

AI, as it pertains to search engine optimization, does the same thing. AI-motivated tactics and strategies are ideal for increasing SEO efficiency and effectiveness, and smart business leaders are taking notice.

If you want your business to succeed, AI-powered SEO is a worthwhile investment. Read on to learn how AI can Empower your SEO.

AI For Serps

Search engine algorithms are smarter than ever thanks to artificial intelligence. As a result, search engine results pages are ranked more by concept and context than anything else these days.

Search engine algorithms use AI to understand the “why” behind the content. These algorithms are smart enough to know when businesses try to cheat by stuffing irrelevant keywords, making it in your best interest to create quality content instead.

What does “quality content” mean? The basic recipe to follow for SEO empowered content is “The 3 C’s”:

Conceptual content tries to answer the idea behind a search query. What is the searcher searching for specifically?


Contextual content tries to answer the reason for the search. Why are searchers searching for X, Y, or Z when they fire up a search engine?

Correct content provides relevant, accurate information. The more relevant your content is to a user’s search, the higher you’ll rank on in SERPs.

5 Ways to Improve SEO with Your AI

1. Create Fantastic SEO Enriched Content

Google is well known for tweaking its search algorithm to offer high-quality and relevant content to its users. Last year, several websites were struggling to come to terms with the huge loss in traffic (read: revenue) after Google rolled out the E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness) algorithm, because they had relied on content that wasn’t optimized to pivot with the change.


It’s no wonder that offering great content with high E-A-T ratings is core to business success.

AI and machine learning can help search marketers identify consumer search trends, automate keyword research, and develop content that ranks high in the SERP. AI-driven platforms can guide the writing process by giving you the top keywords to use for a given topic, thereby offering real-time recommendations for optimizing the content.

  1. Optimize Your Content ForVoice Search

Voice search is increasingly popular because virtual assistants, such as Siri and Alexa, can respond to queries within seconds. In fact, McKinsey Research predicts that by 2022, 60% of all online searches will be voice-based.

Like RankBrain, Google’s algorithm that uses machine learning and AI, these digital assistants are getting smarter each day. In other words, they are constantly listening and learning. Hence, it is becoming critical for businesses to ramp up their SEO game around voice search. Businesses need to understand the conversational journey and predict the follow-up questions users may ask.

AI-powered SEO helps experts identify question keywords with search volume, understand the conversational journey and deliver a real-time voice strategy – all of which are essential for great SEO and consumer experiences. These tools allow marketers to scale research across various locations and languages, all on one platform. Thus, you can make smart and gainful decisions quickly and seamlessly. know more please visit here: https://www.groupfio.com/tips-on-how-ai-can-empower-your-seo/

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