How to Choose the Right Colours for Different Rooms?


Choosing a colour for your home is one of the most challenging and intimate decisions. Since there are many colour options available, it can get tricky and confusing to choose the correct colour combos for your different rooms. Here are some insider tips of top-rated interior home decorators, which will help you select the right colour for different rooms.

Let’s begin with one of the cosiest corners of your house. The bedroom should not only be private but must also be energising enough to wake you up every morning. Indigo blue, and white are classic bedroom colours. They add a soothing touch to your bedroom and also create a perfect warm ambience. Keep the blue for the statement wall and white for the remaining walls of the room. Try a fabulous floral rug, which will add that fresh touch to your bedroom.

Guest room
Now comes the guest room. Of course, you need to make it inviting to bring that perfect homely and warm vibe to the room. How about a combination of lavender and white? Get this stylish carpet to add the ideal edginess to the room and enhance the area’s aura and calm vibe.

Living room
The living room is one of the most essential spaces in your house. This must be inviting, stylish, warm and cosy, and even more than that. One of the best colour choices for this room can be vibrant blue and yellow. Yellow is the first choice for the living room. And one of the most eye-catching colours that go perfectly with yellow is blue. A classic Mughlai touch carpet will amp up the decor of your living room. Bold colors and patterns are symbolic of a Mughlai touch carpet with broad and rich borders.

Kid’s room
This is the perfect room to play with colours and bring all your colour fantasies to reality. So, go ahead and paint the room in playful colours like lime green and Barbie pink. This multi-colour carpet is strangely attractive and will add up to bring the perfect energising and the rejuvenating effect to the room.

People keep doormats outside bathrooms mainly to dry their feet. So, along with elegance, durability is a must. One of the most serene, stylish, yet calm colours for the bathroom is soft blue and white. Not only is it simple but stylish as well. It will be soothing to begin your day with such an eye-pleasing colour. Try this pastel leafy pattern to get the dreamy effect in the bathroom.

Have you ever thought of how a movie director directly transforms you from your living room to that particular location in the scene? That’s the power and science behind the colours. Even rugs can also revamp any room in your house. Sapana Online offers a huge variety of rugs or carpets, which are perfect for any room in your house. They also house mats, runners, and much more. Select the one which goes best with your home and share pictures of your prized possessions with us.
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