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Importance of SOC for your Business

Tammy Royster
Importance of SOC for your Business

Asset centralization

With SOC service, you can easily get a timely and entire view of the digital architecture of the business. Through the centralized asset, it’s easy to locate/detect/identify potential cyber-threats as SOC monitors it 24/7.

Stocktaking of the available resources

SOC is responsible for two different asset types – devices, applications, and processes charged with safeguarding and defensive tools for protection.

Preventive maintenance

Involves actions that are laid to make attacks hard to prevail, including constant maintenance and updating of the systems, firewalls, patching vulnerabilities, blacklisting and securing applications as well as whitelisting.

Proactive monitoring

Tools adopted by SOC scan data systems around the clock to identify any suspicious activities. Continuous monitoring allows SOC to get notifications about emerging threats and the opportunity to mitigate any harm.

Threat response

They are the activities/actions the majority of people think of every time they encounter the term security operations center (SOC). Immediately an incident is noted, SOC behaves like the first responder and executes duties like shutting down, terminating dangerous processes, deleting malicious files, isolating endpoints, among others.

Recovery and remediation

Should an incident occur, SOC works to restore the tempered systems and recover the lost/damaged/manipulated data. This incorporates wiping and restarting the endpoints, system reconfiguration, and deployment of viable backups and others. The whole thing is to return the system where it was before the incident happened.

Log management

SOC is tasked with the collection, maintenance, and review of the log of all network activities as well as communication of the whole company.

Root cause investigation

After an incident has occurred, SOC figures out exactly what transpired, how, and why.

Security refinement

Hackers are constantly refining their methods and ways of infiltrating data systems. to stay ahead of them, SOC implements improvement constantly.

Establishes trust

Taking effective measures of data protection against theft, compromise, manipulation, or breach is a fundamental method of augmenting your brand reputation. Where the private information of clients and workers is kept safely, there is trust between them and the business. SOC offers excellent data security against any sort of cyber-security.

Better collaboration

The SOC team is a “club” of experts who execute their duties towards a central goal of information security. By prevention of all cyber-security-related threats and data breaches from invading the business, all departments function efficiently while maintaining synergy amongst themselves.

Maximizing awareness

SOC maximizes synergy, thereby minimizing the possibility of data breaches. The team enables entrepreneurs to keep their data safe from ever-innovative cyber-criminals.


Tammy Royster
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