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Differences between Essay and Thesis Writing

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Differences between Essay and Thesis Writing

You are already in college ready to make it on your course. During your studies, you encounter various assignments. Essay writing is among the most common papers you will handle. On the other hand, there is a thesis, but what’s the difference between the two? Continue reading to find out.


Many reasons abound as to why you will not write many theses for one class as opposed to essays. The latter is more common than the former. A thesis is too much work and requires more time, and it requires you to become an expert on your topic.



Exploring the major differences between the two


By now you are wondering about an essay writing apart from a thesis. As a student, you will come across many essays and theses depending on the field of your specialization. With essays you can write them based on any topic and without much worry about citations and references.

Let's put both scenarios into perspective.


Essay writing is a requirement for a course while a thesis is a degree prerequisite


This is arguably the major difference you need to know if you intend to write the thesisIf you are pursuing a bachelor's, honors, master's, or doctoral degree when you will have write a thesis.  With a thesis, here is more structure as opposed to an essay. 

Conversely, essay writing is usually done and submitted as a class assignment. It is not a large project and can be done within the shores time possible.


Essays are shorter in length and less complex


The amount of preparation you put in for an essay is less compared to when you want to write a thesis. You can combine many essays to prepare for a thesis, and you achieve this by combining different topics that highlight your research question. A thesis is longer than an essay because it goes deeper.

On the other hand, an average essay may range from 4 to 6 pages. This includes the introduction, the body, the conclusion, and the essay statement. However, some essays may be slightly longer than his. The length of a thesis may range from 40 to 60 pages and a doctoral one ranges from 60 to 100 pages.

The length varies based on the complexity of the two papers. Essay writing in most cases handles less complex topics. A thesis will dig deeper into an issue and even make recommendations for further study on the topic.


An essay teaches a student ho o write a thesis statement


Essay writing can be viewed as a springboard to catapult a student in writing better thesis statements and eventually, an excellent thesis in the future. It can also be viewed as a chance for the student to learn research techniques necessary in thesis-writing.

However, you cannot use a thesis to learn how to write essays. To write a thesis, you need to have all the information right because you are an expert on the topic you are handling. As such, essays are a must learn before you can reach the level of writing a thesis.


The similarities between a thesis and an essay


Even though are stark differences between essay and thesis-writing, here are some common elements. This is not to mean that these papers are one and the same, but it is good to know what brings them together. These similarities include the following:

Both papers make multiple and directed points


Essays and theses are mean to drive a point home. There is a chance that essays can be similar in some parts to a thesis. For instance, the argument being made, and the evidence therein to support it is one similar area. Just like an essay, a thesis will have the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. However, these aspects are larger in a thesis.

Should you need help with write a thesisyou can always count on Essaymin writers to handle it for you. Les move on to the next similarity.


Essay and thesis writing are requirements for courses and degrees respectively


Consider these two as an academic rite of passage for a course or a degree. If you are writing these papers, you are being prepared to be a future scholar that is if that is what you want. Writing, in general, is no easy, but you must face these two assignments towards the end of your studies.

The steps involved in these two papers build on top of the other. Both the essay and thesis are the foundation for your research paper. Both can be used as a component in the research paper but is better to use a thesis as the groundwork for a research paper. This is because more ground is covered by a thesis as opposed to an essay.


Both papers ought to demonstrate the level of your skills


Essay writing and theses are mean to showcase your writing skills. 

To write a thesis or an essay, you need to have written various essays on different topics during your academic life. This is necessary for ensuring ha you can develop a larger argument.

They both follow the same art of writing. You must sit down, think hard, research, and write. Without these aspects, even the easiest essay will give you hard time writing.


Essays and theses ought not to be feared


The two assignments ought not to be feared. Instead, you ought to embrace them. It follows that once you have our main idea, either for the essay or a thesis, you can proceed with the research and later, an outline. They both follow a gradual process, even though it may not be linear, especially in essay writing. 


Writing perfect essay

Even as we look at the similarities and differences between essay and thesis-writing, these pointers are necessary for writing a perfect essay. They include:


Reading and understanding the prompt

You must know the requirements of the prompt. You can dissect it into parts


Formulae a plan

You cannot start writing anyhow. You need a plan which starts with brainstorming and organizing your ideas and points systematically. This makes the process of essay writing easier especially if you have supporting evidence.


Cite your sources

If you have borrowed information from other sources, ensure you cite them. He shows you have done your background work. Paraphrase the sources because has makes your work more credible.


Draft your essay

The first thing after completing your preparation is to write a draft. This gives you a chance to write all the crappy ideas you may have and revisit the draft later. You can refine your arguments once you are done with the draft.


Make sure you respond to the prompts

After you are done with your draft, you can write the final copy of your essay dealing with various issues herein.



The last thing you do is proofread your work to ensure there are no mistakes. It also helps to ascertain that you did not omit anything or add unnecessary information.


Writing a thesis


Write thesis using these steps

  • analyze your primary sources
  • formulae your working thesis and write it down
  • make your thesis prominent in the introduction
  • be ready for counterarguments


Should you face difficulties in writing any of the two, Essaymin has expert writers to handle such assignments for you.

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