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How to Clean Your Car with Natural Products?

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How to Clean Your Car with Natural Products?

Why go to a wash station where your vehicle may be damaged by rollers and where it will be washed with chemicals?

You can achieve the same result by booking car services at home or by using healthy products that you have made yourself.

In this article, we will explain to you how to clean your car cheaply!

Ø  First, Let's See How to Clean the Exterior of Your Car

To clean your car’s bodywork, you will need water, a sponge, and soap, but not just any soap. We advise you to use natural soap to wash your vehicle healthily—for example, Castile soap or black knowledge. Castile soap is an organic soap that you can mix with olive oil, soap, and soda. Black soap is easily found in stores.

For rinsing, remember to use slightly vinegared water so as not to leave traces of lime.

1.  Clean and Shiny Tires

To have tires similar to those coming out of dealerships, you need to mix baking soda and water. Once the mixture is created (the mixture must remain thick enough), place it on your tires and rims, roll a little so that it is distributed well over all the tires, and then rinse everything.

2. Clean Your Windows and Windshield

Having marks on the windows can be very disturbing while driving. A simple solution is to mix white vinegar, washing up liquid, and spray the mixture on the windows and windshield is an excellent solution to achieve a perfect result.

To wipe everything down without creating new marks, we recommend that you wipe the surfaces with newspaper.

In case the marks do not go away, book car wash services to make your car’s window spotless.

3. Make Your Vehicle Shine

You can make different parts of your vehicle shine in two different ways: the first is to mix water and bench vinegar evenly in a sprayer and then wipe down with a rag. The second solution, which does not use water, consists of mixing petroleum jelly and rubbing alcohol by putting 3/4 petroleum jelly and 1/4 rubbing alcohol and then wiping with a cloth.            

4. Erase Scratches

To finish with the exterior and obtain a net result in the event of micro-scratches, we advise you to use a pen designed for this purpose and which makes it possible to camouflage the micro-scratches.

Ø  Then Let's Move on to the Cockpit & Clean the Interior of the Vehicle

1. Eliminate Stains

It can happen to eat in your car and stain it… here is a simple solution to eliminate these stains.

You have to mix baking soda and white vinegar (test the proportions yourself to obtain a paste). Apply the mixture to the stain and scrub with a brush. Then let it dry: once the dough is dry, vacuum it up. You will see, your fabric will find a second youth!

2. Dust Hunting

Dust, this scourge that quickly accumulates in corners and can be challenging to reach, can be eliminated!

For the hardest to reach parts. Just use a foam brush that will thread through the air vents (for example). The dust will thus cling to the foam.

You can also spray a mixture of water and oil on the different surfaces of your vehicle: the dust will slide off and not accumulate.

3. Clean the Dashboard

A simple and effective formula is to lightly soak a rag in olive oil and rub your dashboard with it. Note that this technique is used by professional car detailing services providers for cleaning the leather of your vehicle.

4. Remove Animal Hair

Whether it's your dog or your cat, sometimes you get it into the car. Slight downside because your pet is losing his hair in the car: how to remove them?

To do this, you need to moisten your seats with a bit of water, ideally using a sprayer, and then collect all the hairs using a squeegee. Thanks to this small operation, you will find a bench like new.

5. Fight Against Foul Odors

A foul smell in your car?

To fight against this, mix baking soda and essential oils that you put in a jar with the lid pierced: the mixture will suffocate bad smells.

Here is another solution to keep a car smelling pleasant: you can put a few drops of essential oil on a wooden clothespin and hang it on the air vents of your vehicle. Thus, the smell will be diffused gradually in the passenger compartment, at a lower cost ...

Ø  Bottom-Line: Choosing the Right Products

When it comes to cleaning your car, it's best to book the right car services or use the right products, so you don't have any unpleasant surprises. Some products can leave irreversible marks on your body or the interior of your car.

That is why we recommend using natural, homemade products. If you don't feel like making the products yourself or don't have all the ingredients to make the recipes, you can always turn to products specially designed for the automobile.

Agri arabia
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